Ingenta Connect Webinar – Introducing PaperHive

Online, 30 November 2017

Collaborative research is the norm in academia, but how can you turn your flat PDFs into real tools for academic collaboration, bridging the gap between an institution and international scholarship?

PaperHive is an optional tool available through Ingenta Connect. PaperHive supports researcher collaboration, e-learning, and sharing by enabling public and private annotations within scholarly content.  The application facilitates pre- and post-publication community peer review of academic texts, and currently offers interaction with more than 1 million academic papers.

Join Ingenta Connect and PaperHive’s Co-Founder Alex Naydenov to learn more about how PaperHive’s collaborative networking tools can turn your journal content into a dynamic platform for your authors and readers.

There will be time for discussion at the end and we welcome any questions you might have in advance.

Starts at 15 Europe/London

Register here

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