Ingenta Webinar – Digital Science discuss Altmetric and Dimensions

Online, 18 September 2019

Digital ScienceDigital Science is a technology company working to make research more efficient. They invest in, nurture and support innovative businesses and technologies that make all parts of the research process more open and effective. In today’s webinar, Cristina Huidiu, Digital Solutions Specialist, will introduce two of Digital Science’s portfolio companies, Dimensions and Altmetric.


DimensionsDimensions is a modern, innovative, linked research knowledge system that re-imagines discovery and access to research. Dimensions brings together grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, clinical trials and patents to deliver a platform that enables users to find and access the most relevant information faster, analyze the academic and broader outcomes of research, and gather insights to inform future strategy.


AltmetricAltmetric’s mission is to track and analyze the online activity around scholarly literature. It collates what people are saying about published research outputs in sources such as the mainstream media, policy documents, social networks, blogs and other scholarly and non-scholarly forums to provide a more robust picture of the influence and reach of scholarly work.


Guest Presenter: Cristina Huidiu is the Digital Solutions Specialist for Altmetric and Dimensions, working with universities and research institutes to leverage their strategy around research communication and research assessment. Before joining Digital Science and the Altmetric team, Cristina used to be a medical librarian, focused on the responsible use of metrics, delivering trainings for all library resources and organizing science-focused events.

Starts at 3 Europe/London


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