SSP Annual Meeting

Boston, 03 June 2017

This year the annual meeting will take place in Boston to discuss the ways in which we as publishers, librarians, vendors and academics manage to explore and develop new technologies, business models, and partnerships while also remaining focused on our mission to publish and distribute quality scholarly content to researchers and students.

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Session Highlights – SSP Annual Meeting


Innovation in Scholarly Book Publishing – Wednesday 31st May, 12.30am

  • Marcel Knochelmann, University College London
  • Melissanne Scheld, Publishers Communication Group
  • Andrew Preston, PUBLONS
  • Alison O’Connell, Aries Systems Corporation
  • Alex Humphreys, ITHAKA
  • John Hammersley, Overleaf
  • Martijn Roelandse, Springer Nature
  • Jasmin Lange, Brill

During this session speakers will provide an overview infrastructure and some new author tools and services; discuss OA as a business model for books; review some key post-publication challenges such as including books in the researcher evaluation process; identify opportunities to improve recognition for peer review of books; and examine some new approaches to increasing discoverability and usage.A full synopsis can be found here.

Changes in Academic Book Publishing Models – Thursday 1 June 10.30am

  • Melissanne Scheld, Publishers Communication Group
  • Brigitte Shull, Cambridge University Press
  • Vivian Berghahn, Berghahn Books, Inc.
  • Katherine McCaffrey Stebbins, Harvard University
  • Richard Kobel, Scope eKnowledge Center

During this session, key stakeholders, including a researcher, a publisher, and a vendor, will share successes and failures. Dialogue between panellists and session attendees will help identify opportunities for further improvements to models to enhance discoverability, usage, citations, and ROI. 

A full synopsis can be found here.

Degrees of Open-ness – Thursday 1 June 4:00pm

  • Fiona Carr, Ingenta
  • Patricia FeeneyCrossref
  • Daniella LowenbergUniversity of California Curation Center
  • Eric ArchambaultScience Metrix
  • Lucy MontgomeryKnowledge Unlatched Research/Curtin University

This exploratory and reflective session will consist of a short self-introduction by each panellist followed by a brief introduction to the main issues. The audience will then be invited to work in pairs to prepare questions for the panellists. A series of prepared topics for open panel discussion followed by pairwork questions from the floor will form the second part of the session.

A full synopsis can be found here.

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