Why go XML? The benefits of XML-first typesetting, and XML-last retro conversion (10am BST)

Online, 12 July 2017

This session will provide a detailed overview of the new XML typesetting services Ingenta is able to offer its publishing partners, highlighting the benefits and process of moving their content to this format – an established industry standard in scholarly publishing.

Presenter:  Bret Freeman, Vice President, Konvertus

Presenter-brief bio:  Bret is a successful sales and marketing executive with over 25 years experience in IT products and services, with specialist knowledge of transatlantic start-up business models and business cultures.He has managed sales and sales support teams ranging form 5 to 35. Technologies in which he has operated in successfully include big data, analytics, data mining and capture, content management, data integration, and risk and compliance. He has held senior, sales, business development, channel partner development and marketing roles, as well as senior consulting roles for large scale IT implementations.


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