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Get world-class content solutions even faster!

We know not all publishers require solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet their needs, or have the budget to support bespoke implementations. That is why we have developed Ingenta GO! – packaged versions of our Commercial, Content and Advertising products. With almost 40 years of experience building content systems, our best-of-breed solutions have become renowned for their end-to-end capabilities. In that time not only have we honed our product proficiencies, we’ve also become highly attuned to the way our customers implement our software. Designed and engineered for quick and cost-effective implementations, with Ingenta GO! you benefit from off-the-shelf adaptations of our feature-rich products without the need for heavy customisation or significant internal IT support.


  • Configurable technology without a custom implementation
  • Established and proven solutions with standard code through out
  • Fully-loaded, feature-rich experience without a lengthy implementation phase


  • Cost-effective set-up using pre-configured templates and tables
  • Exceptional time to value with minimal configuration required
  • Fully out-sourced, off-the-shelf solution with little or no reliance on in-house technology teams


Don’t let concerns about lengthy implementation hinder your business goals.
Let’s GO!

Product Manager GO!

Ingenta Product Manager provides integrated management of intellectual property and workflows from concept to sale. It removes barriers between different business functions, ensuring everyone in your organisation is editing and using the same data. A digitally-native, content-agnostic solution, Product Manager helps you manage your IP right from the start. The Product Manager module enables information about works, their manifestations and their contributors to be managed and structured intelligently. It increases visibility internally, keeping everyone in the loop and on schedule; and externally, increasing awareness and sales of your products. It minimises the number of systems you need, thereby reducing margins of error and costs of owner.

Product creation • Lifecycle management • Scheduling • Profit & Loss • Digital Asset Register • Product fragmentation and bundling • Multi-currency pricing models • Metadata exports (such as ONIX) • Reporting • CRM

Rights GO!

Ingenta Rights provides end-to-end management and monetisation of your intellectual property by providing accurate and timely data about rights acquired, owned and exploited. It alerts you to expiring rights so you can forecast cash flows and identify opportunities for new deals and is underpinned by the ability to effectively manage associated contracts at a granular level. Sales and marketing features within the Rights solution enable you to sell more proactively and license more creatively, increasing your awareness of opportunities to get the most out of your assets while ensuring you fulfil your contractual obligations and minimise your operating expenses.

Rights acquisition • Rights definition and inventory • Contract management • Rights sales and marketing


Ingenta CMS is a hosting platform that supports, manages and delivers all the content you publish. Combining industry-standard architecture, innovative platform features and semantic web technologies, it is designed to showcase and connect all of your content, regardless of format or type. Provide seamless access to all your content and deliver it on desktop, tablet or smart phone via pre-configured responsive design. Harness semantic discovery and drive usage with intuitive routes into research, whilst easily repackaging content and experimenting with new business models. Keep up with industry initiatives and evolve with emerging technology. You can do it all with Ingenta CMS.

Branding • Discovery and semantic enrichment •  authentication • Mobile • Ecommerce • End-user services • Community features • Publisher admin tools • Dissemination and linking • Digital preservation • Compliance • SEO • Advertising


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