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Content management for publishers

The Ingenta CMS platform is a custom hosting solution that supports and delivers all the information you publish.  The result of a multi-year research and development program, our CMS solution has been built from the ground up using a powerful combination of industry standard architecture and semantic web technologies to showcase and connect all of your content, regardless of format or type.

It provides you with online publishing essentials combined with an innovative approach to product development. With Ingenta CMS, you can maximize the visibility, usage and value of your content via semantic enrichment while optimising your content licensing around flexible ecommerce and access controls.  Like the many publishers on Ingenta CMS, you can:

  • Provide seamless access to all your content in all its formats
  • Harness semantic discovery and drive usage with intuitive routes into research
  • Easily repackage content and experiment with new business models
  • Deliver content via desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • Keep up with industry initiatives and evolve with emerging technology

Ingenta CMS features are also available in Ingenta CMS GO! implementation.

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Collaborative development   •   Responsive design   •   Usability testing and evidence-led development
Multiple content types   •   Flexible productisation and business models   •   Membership integration
Relationship management   •   Advanced discovery options   •   Business development guidance and research
Ecommerce and sales support   •   Branding and personalisation   •   Access and authentication
Integration with and export to workflow tools   •   Statistical data and supporting expertise
Performance management

Enrich your usage

The Ingenta CMS platform is built on a semantic framework, providing a more interactive and engaging experience while driving users to your content.   Ingenta was an early pioneer of semantic applications with our award-winning RDF triple Metastore.  We can guide you in employing taxonomies, integrating resources and leveraging new relationships between concepts to improve discoverability, boost your usage and expand your revenue opportunities.

Generate new revenue

The built-in access and entitlement utility of Ingenta CMS recognizes your users in multiple ways, allowing you to shape content licensing around sales potential.  Our data storage technology lets you break content down and sell it at the most granular level, permitting bundling and price setting based on variables.  With our agile, industry compliant technology, you can capture new revenue streams by creating targeted, timed offers with unprecedented flexibility.

Exploit all channels

The multi-channel publishing functionality of Ingenta CMS provides a seamless and integrated user experience regardless of how the reader is accessing content.  Responsive web design as standard ensures an elegant display on a variety of devices, while optional customized products provide access via native apps or generic web compatibility, regardless of device or operating system.

Know your audience

Ingenta is the only partner with the breadth of industry perspective, global coverage and collaborative consulting services to develop a fully user-informed site.  Publishers Communication Group (PCG), our in-house sales and marketing consultancy has been conducting market research and guiding publisher strategies for 25 years.  Building your online presence around a full range of end-user research allows for synergies across disciplines and regions and provides new ideas for innovation.

Stay ahead of the game

We enable you to constantly improve your online offering and remain at the forefront of emerging technology.  Our continual platform improvements, agile methodology and perpetual customer service deliver not only a robust, customized digital platform, but the knowledge-transfer and empowerment to drive your strategy, remain out in front and grow with the future.


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