Ingenta Editorial

Write once, publish anywhere

An all in one editorial, digital asset management & cross channel publishing platform that covers all areas of multimedia news production and their delivery in different formats and channels, while streamlining the enterprise workflow. Ingenta Editorial is an innovative suite, available in two different editions, one for news agencies and one for publishers.

Ingenta Editorial for publishers


A fully integrated and user-friendly platform that caters all publishers’ needs from planning, gathering, selecting and creating, to editing, producing, archiving, layouting and publishing news in various formats and channels.

Ingenta Editorial helps you redefine the editorial and publishing workflows; it supports contemporary publishers to fully automate all their processes while offering powerful digital asset management tools, along with automatic pagination and ”one-click” cross channel publishing capabilities, helping them to reach broader audiences and increase profitability. Editorial & Issue Planning Aggregation & Verification Editorial workflow – Integrated newsroom Automatic layout Digital Asset Management Multi-channel publishing Subscribers & Services management

Ingenta Editorial for news agencies

A fully integrated and user-friendly environment that caters all agency needs from planning, creating, gathering and selecting, editing to producing, archiving and distributing. A comprehensive and secure cloud based environment for the storage, management, creation and delivery of news.
Agency edition will help you transform the way you plan, collect, verify, create, archive, distribute and sell huge volumes of news. As an industry oriented solution, it supports news agencies to fully automate all their processes while offering powerful digital asset management tools that can help them monetize their assets and boost profitability.

  • Aggregation
  • Verification
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Event management & planning
  • Editorial workflow – Integrated newsroom
  • Subscribers & Services management
  • Distribution

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