Ingenta Audience

Advertisers don’t buy sites; they buy access to their target audiences. And the more relevant the content and receptive the audience, the better the return. Audience knowledge brings with it the opportunity to place the right ad, in the right context to the right audience. All of which means that the publisher can ultimately charge more for the space; as well as building deals around business outcomes as opposed to media outputs. All of which is now possible with Ingenta Audience.

The Ingenta Audience data management platform (DMP) processes enriched data to gain valuable insights on your users. These insights empower your advertisers to ensure that their creative advertising campaigns reach and engage with their target audiences.


This isn’t just cold data aggregation and analysis, we can help you build meaningful models.

To learn even more about your audiences, we take a survey-based closer look at a tiny percentage of them, which tells us a lot. We ask things like gender, age, marital status and how many kids live in their home. In fact, we’ll ask them anything you want. The answers from this small sample group allow us to create a sophisticated prediction model that we use to extend the surveyed offline data points to cover your full audience, with amazing accuracy.

Combined with the Ingenta Advertising platform, Audience allows content and media managers to:

  • maximise the value of your audience with streamlined and contextually targeted ad sales
  • packaged ad buys and multi-channel campaigns
  • generate new revenues from previously untapped sources
  • increase revenues based increased benefit to advertisers

Just choose the audience interest groups and socio demographics best suited to your business. Come up with a killer creative idea, and let nature take its course.

And, to make your target audience selections even easier, we’ll forecast your audience reach and frequency in real time. Ingenta Audience.


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