Create your contracts, Manage your Rights, Calculate your Royalty payments



Drive better rights and royalty management from your contracts.



Folio’s built-in, comprehensive tools provide the flexibility to create and manage detailed contracts and rights for a wide range of intellectual properties, from articles and books to content published in new and emerging technologies.


Folio’s browser-based platform is easily tailored to your needs, with customizable dashboards and data views as well as rules and workflows that can be adapted to your organization’s operations.


By consolidating your contract, rights, and royalty information in one secure system, Folio enables streamlined management and tracking of rights, sales, permissions, payments, and communications. Information is updated, consistent, and accessible across multiple departments, supporting greater efficiency and transparency in your operations. You can even provide external parties access to view contracts, statements, and sales data.

This enhanced visibility across all your intellectual property rights also supports the identification of additional sales, licensing, and other income-generating opportunities, helping you optimize their value.


Folio captures, clarifies, and manages the multidimensional complexities of rights, calculations, and payments. The platform supports agreements involving:

  • Multiple authors, editors, and/or rights owners
  • Rights ownership by territory, language, format, market channel, etc.
  • Variable royalty percentages and income splits
  • Complex relationships between assets, products, and bundles
  • Multiple languages


Folio automatically calculates and generates royalty statements and payments according to your regular schedule as well as on demand. Payments are instantly reconciled with sales and finance data to keep your budgets and accounting current.

Folio also supports automated contract status tracking, alerting you when agreements are sent, executed, and about to expire.