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Our powerful semantic web technologies allow you to leverage your content value and carry out your vision today.



Edify incorporates intuitive design and tools to ensure that both administrative and end users can quickly grasp and perform a variety of functions.

Administration tools provide the ability to manage every aspect of your site—design, content, users, access, third party distribution, pricing and licenses, and content staging, review, and approval. The platform also includes rich data analytics capabilities, supporting insights that can drive greater personalization, marketing opportunities, and more. These include:

  • COUNTER compliant tabular and SUSHI statistics
  • Usage statistics
  • Integration with third-party analytics systems

End users have access to a variety of tools to customize functions and preferences, including:

  • Create and manage profile
  • Purchase content and view order history
  • Add and manage favorites

Discoverability and Enrichment

Traditional methods of scholarly publishing do not support the rich, interlinked relationships between content that are possible through digital publishing. To fully exploit the possibilities of digital search and discovery, Edify uses a datacentric model that incorporates concepts, properties, and relationships alongside journal titles, article topics/titles, issue numbers, etc., driving users toward related content they might not otherwise have found.

Key features include:

  • Integrated SEO optimization out of the box, plus platform updates informed by our product team’s regular meetings with Google
  • Full support for Google indexing recommendations
  • Powerful intuitive search with faceting, autosuggest, did you mean,” multilingual indexing and searching, configurable relevance ranking, and much more
  • Third-party integrations with core scholarly tools such as Crossref, PubMed, PubMed Central, library discovery systems, indexing systems, archiving solutions, and many more

Design Flexibility

Ingenta Edify allows for the continuation and control of your brand through a suite of pre-built modern design templates with a full set of configuration options as well as the ability to create your own design. Both options are compliant with accessibility standards and provide support for multilingual user interfaces.

Responsive web design supports a seamless and integrated user experience regardless of how the reader is accessing your site or content. Users experience an elegant display on a variety of devices, while optional customized products provide access via native apps or generic web compatibility, regardless of device or operating system.

Revenue Growth

Make your content work for you—create more value, more opportunities, and more momentum. Edify’s data storage technology allow you to offer your content at increasingly granular levels, supporting bundled and a la carte purchase options.

In addition, the built-in and third-party data analytics resources supports user segmentation in multiple ways, allowing you to shape content licensing around sales potential. With our agile, industry-compliant technology, you can capture new revenue streams by creating targeted, timed offers with unprecedented flexibility.

Support and Development

Ingenta Edify comes with ample support to ensure smooth set-up and execution of your site, ongoing upgrades and maintenance, and a road map to serve your needs now and into the future as your business scales, and new technologies emerge.

A dedicated account manager serves as your point of contact for client, providing customized assistance and solutions.

Our product development team is continually pursuing enhancements to refine and add to Edify’s capabilities and ensuring compliance with all technology and legal standards.