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for music royalty management






Ingenta conChord Connect offers small businesses a streamlined and affordable solution for automated music royalty management, from calculation to payment. Able to manage all types of music licenses, the SaaS platform can be integrated quickly and easily to support greater productivity and business growth.

conChord Connect is a SaaS platform for smaller companies seeking a simplified, cost-effective solution for royalty payments they can implement quickly. By automating operations across a variety of contract types, music formats, and schedules, conChord Connect makes the royalty management and payment process faster and more efficient.  Once the platform is loaded with your contract data and customer information, it calculates royalties, creates statements, and makes payments according to schedule.

For businesses with limited resources, the platform can help free employees from time-consuming manual work reconciling multiple databases and records to focus on higher-value tasks. Maximize your team’s productivity and support business growth with conChord Connect.


  • Adaptable

    conChord Connect can handle royalties from all types of music licenses– mechanical, print, performance, and synchronization—and sorts them at the artist, catalog, album, track, and sample levels.

  • Secure

    The platform has integrated state-of-the-art security to keep your information safe from external threats. conChord Connect also provides internal controls to ensure users access only data they’re authorized to see.

  • Centralized

    conChord Connect ensures that royalty information is consistent and easily accessible.

  • Branded

    Your company’s logo and information appear on all statements, checks, and paperwork.

  • Automated upgrades

    New features, enhancements, and versions are implemented automatically on the shared platform—no need for downloads or configuration.


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