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While conducting research you have likely viewed results from Ingenta Connect. Our platform hosts tens of thousands of publications for around 140 publishers globally. Our search results are amongst the top rankings in many search engines and discoveries.  We are now offering researchers the ability to purchase Pay-per-view articles from our platform in a subscription to save you time, save you money, and save you time processing paperwork with Ingenta Depository.

Ingenta Depository is a one-stop shop for purchasing content from Ingenta Connect, providing libraries and other institutions with a streamlined method to pay for multiple requests from faculty members and patrons. Simply sign up for an account, deposit your funds, and get back to the things that matter most to you. Each article selected from Depository deducted automatically from your account. No need for time-consuming paperwork and billing for one-off purchases and orders across multiple publishers. Depository gives you more control over your budget, allows multiple users, and access to the research you need most.

Types of Depository Accounts

Billing accountBasicPremium
Account is given an approved credit amount.Minimum amount of deposit funds is $2500.00Minimum amount of deposit funds is $5000.00
Your credited funds are available to anyone who is given a login.Your deposited funds are available to anyone who is given a login.Your deposited funds are available to anyone who is given a login.
Subscriber rights are not granted on this account.Subscriber rights are not granted on this account.Access to an administration account is created that controls user logins, monthly spends per login, and maximum spends per journal per login or overall account.
Charges for Pay-per-View downloads are billed quarterly in arrears.$250 yearly maintenance fee$500 yearly maintenance fee

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If you want to save time and wish to find out more about being able to purchase pay-per-view content, please contact us:

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