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Hemlines may go up and down, but ingenta threads keeps your contracts, rights, and royalties on track!


Ingenta threads is a browser-based platform designed to help those in the fashion industry manage the complexities of fashion contracts, copyrights, and associated royalties. By incorporating and automating contractual requirements across a variety of agreement types,  formats, and designs in one system, threads greatly simplifies rights and royalty tracking while also enhancing visibility into sales, income, and payments. The results include increased operational efficiency and scalability, less manual effort, and more control over your licensed content.


Ingenta threads handles rights and royalties from all types of fashion licenses– brand name, product design, fabric design, and logo—and sorts them at the designer, catalog, portfolio, and sample levels. Threads also support custom subscription models through sell-through, enabling rights and royalty management based on fulfillment orders or inventory level. Threads handles ingestion of sales revenue feeds in any format.

Contract Creation:

The platform includes templates and wizards to create detailed agreements for designers, companies, and other licensing agencies. These tools support standard contractual language and formats for the fashion industry while also providing flexibility for branding and customization.


Ingenta threads features a central contract repository and complete interlinking of contracts to rights and royalties, ensuring that information is consistent and accessible across your entire company. In addition, an integrated CRM provides the ability to document and track communications with clients and third parties.

Manage copyright compliance and track both incoming and outgoing permissions across multiple products as well as usage and financial information.

Royalty Tracking and Statements:

Ingenta threads automatically calculates royalties and enables scheduled statements as well as custom reports and statements upon demand.  You can also set up web portal access for rights owners to view contracts, statements, and sales data.

Payments are instantly reconciled with sales and finance data to keep budgets and accounting up to date.


Rights Management:

Control your rights more effectively with a clear overview of what you own, whether acquired through a company, a designer, or a third party. The visibility enabled by Ingenta threads can also help you identify new opportunities for monetization.

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