Ingenta Applications Management Services

Ingenta Applications Management Services

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Ongoing, comprehensive technology oversight to support your growth and success.

Ingenta Applications Management Services (AMS) administers your software applications and systems throughout the lifecycle, including maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements for optimal performance and efficiency. From technical infrastructure to management processes, AMS oversees both day-to-day needs as well as planning aligned with your long-term goals. Levels of support are customized based on your business requirements.

Strategic management:

AMS integrates established processes and best practices for software and network application management to ensure they support your business, even as it evolves and scales. Functions include:

  • Site management
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Steering meetings
  • Business reporting
  • Critical business activity and peak period planning

Operations management:

AMS’s technical management services monitor application performance on back-end infrastructure. They include:

  • Enhancement development and implementation
  • Third-party integrations
  • QA, test planning, scripting, and execution
  • Software release and update management
  • Data cleaning

Technical support:

AMS offers front-line support and troubleshooting for internal- and customer-facing application functions, including issue triage and resolution as well as user training.

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