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Music typesIngenta ConChord is a configurable platform that helps manage the complexities of music contracts, copyright and associated royalties. It provides a complete solution for music publishers wanting more control and better visibility over licenced content. It also allows you to sell the music rights onto third parties and track earnings received. Music can be experienced in different ways and Ingenta ConChord provides the flexibility to handle mechanical, print, performance and sync royalties.

One application

Contracts are key to your business activities. Templates, allows you to standardise all your contracts across the organisation. A central contract repository and complete interlinking of contracts to right and royalties, helps ensure everyone is working from the same source of information.

A contract centred process adds IP data integrity from contract creation to available rights, through to royalty calculations and payments. By having an improved view of rights you own and which are available helps you to improve efficiency and monetize opportunities that may have been unnoticed.

Ingenta Conchord also helps manage your rights income as well as incoming and outgoing permissions. It will also help you to be copyright compliant.

With all the nuances of your contracts understood by the system they’re stored in, royalty payments become simple with automated calculations and flexible creation of statements, including on demand draft copies.

You can reconcile royalty payments across sales and finance systems and give better service to rights owners by offering web portal access to view contracts, statements and sales should you choose to do so.

Multiple contracts supported

Music rights can be managed as detailed in the licence at any level, from an artist, catalogue, album, track or sample level. Custom subscription models are also supported with play data. This enables music to be managed based on playtime, or the number of downloads. With a highly configurable powerful and scalable royalty system, Ingenta ConChord enables complex music royalty calculations and royalty statements to be produced in a timely manner. The system provides tools to produce contracts for artists, record labels or other rights licencing agencies. The platform helps control the rights acquired, whether it is directly with the music label, the artist or other 3rd party. A built-in CRM module offers the capability to log and track communication that may occur.

Key features

  • Create and manage detailed contracts with contract template types and wizards to simplify contract management.
  • Buy and sell rights with intuitive insights.
  • Manage the payment of advances and royalties.
  • Make complex royalty calculations.
  • Generate statements with flexible payment periods.
  • Manage income generated from licencing IP (intellectual property) and selling subsidiary rights.
  • A comprehensive permissions system enables permissions clearance teams to track permissions acquired across multiple products along with usage and financial information.
  • Ability to create custom reports that can be scheduled and emailed on-demand.

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