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In the marketplace of ideas, an online presence is no longer a differentiator in and of itself.  To compete for attention, you need to maximise the value of your assets by ensuring that your content management system meets ever-changing user needs, supports multiple content formats, plugs into all discovery paths and competes in fundamentals such as search, browse, mobile and navigation.


Content Management

Ingenta provides a suite of electronic publishing services to support your evolving digital strategies.  Whether through our turnkey Ingenta Connect solution or a custom-branded, semantically enriched Ingenta CMS site, we enable publishers of any size, discipline or technical proficiency to convert, store, deliver and monetise digital content.

Launched in 1999, Ingenta Connect is the most comprehensive collection of academic and professional content online.  Accessible in more than 25,000 registered institutions around the world, Ingenta Connect delivers over 300,000 downloads every month from nearly 16,000 hosted journals, books, reports and statistics documents via subscription and pay-per-view.  With nearly 1.4 million visits and over 3.2 million page views per month, Ingenta Connect’s 300 publishers benefit from an established user-base and over 350 linking and distribution partners.

Our fully outsourced e-publishing package is a proven channel to get your content online quickly, easily and affordably, featuring:

  • Data conversion and enhancement
  • Secure web hosting
  • Flexible ecommerce
  • The largest content linking network of its kind
  • A six-week launch period

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The Ingenta CMS solution is a customised, multi-content publications platform delivering all the functionality needed to support evolving digital strategies and to satisfy diverse end user and librarian requirements. With an Ingenta CMS site, publishers gain proven, regularly updated technology while also maintaining full control of their brands, content and user relationships. It allows customers to help users to explore all their content—whatever its format—with semantic discovery and progressive browsing options driven by Ingenta CMS’ pioneering data storage and modeling.

Publishers benefit from:

  • A distinctive, branded site
  • Multi-format data storage
  • Semantic enrichment
  • Modular framework with extensible features
  • Flexible product development
  • Compliance with open standards
  • Responsive web design
  • Sophisticated access control

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In the consumer-driven digital world, understanding your assets in addition to your customers is critical.  As publishers diversify to create new revenue streams for content, the need to manage individual users, complex products and multiple sales channels in a centralised way is paramount. Ingenta E-commerce is a single solution that manages business models, access entitlement and cross-selling of products on multiple platforms.  It can maximize your existing content by creating new revenue opportunities at the touch of a button.  It allows you to squeeze profits from your intellectual property by empowering your sales and marketing teams to:

  • Provide a centralized view of your customers across platforms
  • Generate new online strategies without IT intervention
  • Respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace
  • Bundle new product packages at any time and in any combination of price and content
  • Integrate online models with back office legacy infrastructure

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