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Our publishing platforms provide a holistic range of solutions for online discovery. From hosting your titles in the world’s largest resource for scholarly publications, to individually branded sites catering specifically to your unique audience, you can be assured of working with the best tools, and people, to deliver your content.

Through our solutions Ingenta Open, Ingenta Connect and Ingenta CMS, you have the flexibility to find a solution that best fits your business needs. Even within a particular product, you can have confidence that we’ll work closely with you to tailor a package to give best return on your investment.

  • Benefit from decades of industry experience. Our teams know exactly how to push your content and agenda to the fore, so you can benefit from working with an invested partner, not just a software provider.
  • Use the best tools. Our partner approach also means we work with the best third party tool providers, to maximise connectivity and potential of your publications.
  • Have a vision for the future, with a clear picture of how your online presence can grow and evolve.

Ingenta Connect

The trusted name in online content delivery solutions

Ingenta Connect is an established market leader in online content delivery solutions, providing services to over 300 publishers. Ingenta’s trusted content management technology and secure infrastructures, we specialize in making the online publishing process easy for you. Learn more…


Ingenta CMS

Your site, your content, discovered

Ingenta CMS empowers you to unlock the full potential of your content, offer real user benefit and explore innovative ways of supporting them – whether through responsive design, advanced researcher tools, simple ecommerce or integration of all types of content. Ingenta CMS delivers your branded online presence in a cohesive, seamless package and a fantastic user experience. Find out more…


Ingenta Open

The home of Open Access

Ingenta Open delivers tens of thousands of Open Access books, monographs and articles to researchers worldwide. Built on the Ingenta CMS platform, it uses the latest technology for comprehensive interdisciplinary discoverability and seamless content delivery. For publishers, Ingenta Open offers a cost-effective hosting solution for your OA content. Read more…

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If you are a scholarly publisher looking for a new publishing platform solution to improve engagement, discovery and reach a global audience or make your book, journal and reference content perform better, please contact us to book a demo or to arrange an initial conversation:

Kevin Cerboni +44 (0)1865 397858  OR  +44 (0)7568 108020
Nick Weir-Williams +1 732-910-4862
Byron Russell +44 (0)1865 397881 OR +44 (0) 7900 494258

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