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Ingenta Professional Services

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High-quality business support from verified professionals.

Our highly experienced U.S.- and UK-based personnel provide a wide range of day-to-day and long-term tasks and planning, from product implementation and server hosting to market analysis and sales representation. With these essential but ancillary operational concerns off your hands, you have more freedom to focus on your core business.

Ingenta Managed Services:

Let us handle the technical implementation, supervision, and optimization of your Ingenta products for smooth, seamless performance at every step, from installation to strategic planning.

Ingenta Implementation Services:

Ensure Ingenta products are configured to your specific business goals, processes, and system requirements.

Ingenta Support Services:

Expert, responsive troubleshooting and helpdesk assistance for internal and external end users.

Ingenta Applications Management Services:

Comprehensive software oversight and administration to guarantee continuous and maximum value even as your business needs change.

Ingenta Content Services:

We can convert and  validate PDF files to XML in a range of languages and alphabets in preparation for online publication on an Ingenta platform while maintaining  accuracy and data integrity.

Ingenta Hosting Services:

Outsource the management of the physical technical infrastructure related to your online presence, including server hosting and maintenance, data transfers, storage, upgrades, and more.

Ingenta Depository:

Set up a streamlined method for payments to Ingenta Connect. Depository eliminates the need to manage individual purchases with a simple automated account system for multiple requests.

Ingenta PCG:

Take advantage of Ingenta’s business intelligence, local teams, and market penetration to inform your sales strategies, optimize your website, competitively position your offerings, and more.

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