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Ingenta is a world leading provider of publishing solutions and content management systems

Our experts can advise on publishing best practices and provide configurable solutions to meet your needs

Ingenta helps solve publishing challenges and the unique problems faced by information providers. We tailor our suite of industry-specific software products and business development services to create the most robust publishing solutions for intellectual property management (IP management) and content management, advertising and content services. Why choose Ingenta?

Robust range of publishing software and services

As the industry’s only provider of the full spectrum of publishing solutions, our consultative approach simplifies the management, promotion, and delivery of your content. Our fulfillment systems have handled the physical distribution for many of the world’s largest publishers for four decades, while the Ingenta Commercial suite has evolved to cover the publishing process from end to end for both print and digital content. Long a destination for scholarly research, the Ingenta Connect service hosts tens of thousands of publications from about 140 publishers, and our Ingenta Edify platform takes content delivery to the next level with semantic enrichment, sophisticated access control and responsive web design for individual publisher sites. Ingenta PCG closes the loop, supporting publisher sales and marketing strategies and conducting leading industry intelligence for 25 years.

Unmatched industry knowledge

Ingenta has a deep understanding of the publishing industry and the publishing challenges they face. Ingenta has a broad knowledge of the content business and we will elevate your effectiveness by empowering your staff. With 45 years of industry experience in the trade and scholarly sectors and the combined expertise of software and services, we assist over 400 publisher clients.

Proven global publishing solutions

Our entire spectrum of scalable publishing solutions was created to serve the international market of content providers and resolve the problems faced by information providers. Ingenta operates jointly from Europe and North America.

The best solution for accelerating growth

Our transformative software and services provide a competitive advantage that enables sustainable and profitable growth. Whether through our back-end systems or front-end delivery, our technology is format agnostic, enhances discoverability through metadata best practices or semantic enrichment, and enables new opportunities to monetise intellectual property—from full rights management to Patron Driven Acquisition to content fragmenting and bundling.

Choose Ingenta

Your business goals are our business goals. We understand our clients’ markets and customers and work with you to implement solutions to your problems, not just sell technology. Our software and services are designed to harness evolving technology and future opportunities, while our talent consists of publishing industry veterans and thought leaders. Combined with our global market penetration and over 25 years in the business of sales representation, Ingenta is your complete industry partner.

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