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Ingenta Commercial

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End-to-end intellectual property management, from inception to delivery.

The Ingenta Commercial suite is the only end-to-end publishing platform designed from the ground up for today’s publishing challenges. The Vista solutions have been powering the fulfilment requirements of the world’s largest publishers for forty years. Our next-generation Commercial suite integrates data and processes across the whole organisation, whether you choose to implement the full system, or to pick and mix a subset of modules.

Ingenta Commercial is made up of four major fully integrated modules: Rights, RoyaltiesProduct Manager, and Order to Cash, allowing you to purchase the entire suite, or only those components that are needed to address your current business needs. Whichever applications or modules you choose will be built on a common architecture, with a single data platform, to minimise the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of managing data across multiple systems.


Modular architecture   •   Automated, centralised deployment   •   Regular upgrades
Publisher selfconfiguration and localisation   •   Dashboards
Automation of repeat tasks, reports and queries
Integration with related systems   •   Widespread data visibility and audit trail


All Channels

Ingenta Commercial is optimised for multiple-channel distribution, maintaining both legacy trade and emerging consumer supply chains. The system facilitates the development of multiple variations and derivative products while supporting social network integration, diverse revenue streams, complex royalties-management and aggregated distribution.

All Paths to Discovery

Able to connect with all consumer touch points, it facilitates discovery through accurate, comprehensive, and visible metadata combined with a seamless purchase experience. Integrated modules managing products, rights, fulfilment and access entitlements allow broad strategies to be exercised, maximising product ranges and opportunities for re-use.

All Revenue Streams

While accounting for rights and permission income, direct-to-consumer and third-party retail sales, Ingenta Commercial also enables publishers to collect micro-revenues many times over.  The platform supports multiple variations of a single product, allowing for flexible, immediate launches into emerging channels.

All Business Models

The robust fulfilment and access capabilities of the system facilitate the digital experience consumers expect, from fragments sales, rentals, and pay-per-view, to flexible subscription models and samples.  Workflow management functions handle output of new formats at the click of a button.  Meanwhile, complex rights-and-royalties structures can be automatically adjusted.

All Content

With Ingenta Commercial, publishers command a truly format-agnostic enterprise system, not a bolt-on to print-based software.  Our framework is built not around the book, but intellectual property at its most basic element, easily allowing for new product derivatives to suit different device types and sales channels.





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