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The easy solution for sharing sensitive information—securely.


Give trusted parties access to company information

Ingenta Aperture grants external parties access to the information they need from your organization on demand, in a highly controlled and secure manner. The application reduces the need for manual extraction and delivery of data locked in your company’s internal infrastructure through a self-service, web-based interface, eliminating delays and promoting greater efficiency. Share resources, royalty information, sales reports, and more.

Set access rights:

You have complete control over the information you make available on an individual basis. Ingenta Aperture enables you to set access rights for each party on your terms. Parties outside of your organization see only what they need.

Easy integration:

Ingenta Aperture is database neutral and works with any system through a web API. It connects with your existing infrastructure to retrieve information from multiple databases, so there is no need to adapt or combine your existing data or technologies. 

On-the-go access:

Ingenta works through a web-based self-service interface. Third parties can access the information they need on demand, reducing the number of routine customer service queries. The permitted data flows freely across organizations, time zones, and geographical borders.

Numerous uses:

Aperture’s functionalities can be applied for various tasks.

  • Grant authors access to royalty statements
  • Help bookstores quickly extract pricing and order information
  • Enable project contributors to access and share information from a single source and see real-time updates via metadata
  • Provide sales representatives on the road with detailed information at their fingertips

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