Rights and Royalties

Rights and Royalties

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Rights and Royalties management for publishers

The Rights and Royalties modules of Ingenta Commercial provide publishers with end-to-end management and monetisation of your intellectual property.

Our Rights management software provides accurate and timely data about which rights you own and the extent to which they are being exploited. It alerts you to expiring rights so you can forecast cash flows and identify opportunities for new deals. It is underpinned by the ability to effectively manage associated contracts at a granular level. The Rights application is complemented by our Royalties management software which enables you to calculate complex royalties quickly, easily and with confidence. You can license each application individually, alongside existing solutions, or combine them in one powerful product.

Rights and Royalties enables you to sell more pro-actively and license more creatively, increasing your awareness of opportunities to get the most out of your assets while ensuring you fulfil your contractual obligations and minimise your operating expenses.

Contract upload and creation (custom or template)   •   Contract validation and approval   •   Contract audit and monitoring
Marketing, sales and management of any combination of rights   •   Royalty calculation and payment
Workflow and calendaring integration • Comprehensive reporting
Management of contributor, agent and publisher contact data   •   Single system or individual applications
Local deployment or hosted service



Better serve your authors, contributors, illustrators and other rights owners with confidence
from initial contract to final payment.  The Royalties solution is the only system on the market able to handle the complexities and nuances of today’s most creative deals.

  • Complex royalty calculations for multiple payees, authors and titles with varying terms
  • Support for multiple currencies and international tax reporting
  • Streamlined operations and cash flow forecasting
  • Improved Author Care with user-friendly interface


Increase ROI and ensure compliance with the most comprehensive and unparalleled Permissions system in the business.  Using a browser plug-in, editorial, design and permissions-clearance teams can track permissions acquired across multiple products along with usage and financial information.

  • Ensured compliance for marketing/selling subsidiary rights
  • Mitigated legal risk for acquisitions
  • Integration with finance and fulfilment systems
  • Configurable dashboards, templates, process flows and product records

Ingenta Commercial is built on decades of business innovations specifically designed for the needs of the publishing industry.  Available in a modular framework with a user-friendly interface, it supports:

  • All content: both physical and digital products
  • All business models: bundles and granularity
  • All channels: dynamic pricing, timed offers and retailer adaptability
  • All paths to discovery: best-in class metadata management


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