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The Contracts Rights & Royalties (CRR) module is an ideal platform for contracts management, rights management and royalty management. This module helps monetise businesses’ intellectual property and copyright compliance and is 1 of 3 highly configurable, content agnostic software modules that make up the full suite of Ingenta Commercial – a content and IP management platform.

If you work in the music industry check out Ingenta ConChord – a product aimed specifically for those who manage music contracts, music rights and music royalties.

Ingenta Commercial Contract Rights Royalties module

The Contracts Rights & Royalties (CRR) module enables users to:

  • Create and manage detailed contracts.
  • Buy rights and sell rights.
  • Manage the payment of advances and royalties.
  • Make complex royalty calculations.
  • Create statements.
  • Manage income generated from licencing IP (intellectual property) and selling subsidiary rights.
  • A comprehensive permissions system enables permissions-clearance teams to track permissions acquired across multiple products along with usage and financial information.

Learn more about Ingenta Commercial and the benefits of integrating with
the Content Lifecycle Manager (CLM) module and/or Order to Cash (O2C) Module.

The Contacts Rights and Royalties modules like all the other modules in the Ingenta Commercial suite, can be purchased individually or implemented with any other module in the suite.

Configurable components

The Contracts Rights & Royalties (CRR) module has highly configurable components. The main elements are:


The contracts management software helps:

  • Manage contracts for content acquisition, rights sales, subsidiary rights, and licencing.
  • Provides legal contract generation and contract validation.
  • Work at a granular level and allows both sections and articles to be analysed
  • Supports the creation of new products and is configurable to a customer’s legal requirements using templates.


Our rights management software:

  • Provides accurate and timely data about which rights are owned and the extent to which they are being exploited.
  • Alerts to indicate expiring rights which help to forecast cash flows and identify opportunities for new deals.
  • Supports the workflow and processes that lead to the sale of rights.
  • Helps track income generated from right sales.


The royalty management software enables:

  • Complex royalty calculations and enables users to generate precise and clear royalty statements.
  • Royalties to be more proactively sold and licensed more creatively.
  • Fulfilment of contractual obligations.
  • Costs of operating expenses to be minimised.


Increase ROI and ensure compliance with the most comprehensive and unparalleled Permissions system in the business. Using a browser plug-in, editorial, design and permissions-clearance teams can track permissions acquired across multiple products along with usage and financial information. Benefits include:

  • Ensured compliance for marketing/selling subsidiary rights.
  • Mitigated legal risk for acquisitions.
  • Integration with finance and fulfilment systems.
  • Configurable dashboards, templates, process flows and product records.
  • Being content agnostic various formats can be handled including books, paperbacks, ebooks, magazines, journals and other publications, electronic files and other forms of digital media.

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Contract, rights and royalty videos

Understanding how you own an asset is critical in establishing how you can reuse that asset. CEO Scott Winner introduces Ingenta’s Contracts, Rights and Royalties software. Watch the video to learn more.How does the Contracts, Rights and Royalties system benefit organisations? It’s all about effective management of data. Drive your rights value and royalties compliance directly from your contract metadata. Watch the video to learn more.What makes Ingenta’s Contracts, Rights and Royalties system stand out from the crowd? Drive your rights value and royalties compliance directly from your contract metadata. Watch the video to learn more.

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