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PCG offers a wide range of marketing, promotion, research services, and attribution analysis designed to support the needs of the publishing industry. We specialize in three core areas: global sales representation, business intelligence, and marketing.  Working with PCG will provide the experience, results, and reliability that you need to expand your reach and improve your business practices. Following are further details of our services:

Let us be your dedicated sales force.

Grow your sales without adding additional employees, infrastructure, or overhead. PCG’s experienced sales teams act as your local representatives targeting and meeting directly with prospective customers, attending regional conferences, and negotiating with library consortia. More than 25 years of experience, established industry relationships, and wide-ranging local expertise make PCG the most effective partner to bring your content to new audiences and take your sales to new heights.

Reach more customers:

PCG has offices embedded around the world, including in emerging countries, to generate leads and sell your content to academic libraries, government agencies, corporations, and library consortia. We can also focus on your existing customers to promote additional products.

Based on your sales goals, our team will develop a multi-faceted plan to identify your prospects, contact targeted decision-makers, negotiate terms, secure sales, and manage orders.

Localized services:

PCG’s sales team serves as an extension of your business in developed and emerging nations.  We provide you with a local base and staff to foster stronger connections with prospects, customers, and the community. Sales staff speak local languages and are available during regional business hours, ensuring responsive communication and enhancing the overall customer experience. Our teams can also provide in-person training and presentations to prospects and customers.


PCG ensures that you are effectively represented at local, regional, and global conferences and other events to showcase your offerings and make valuable connections. In addition to conferences, fairs, and meetings where we already have a presence, we can research and attend events that are relevant to your specific audience. 

Market Feedback and Industry Intel reporting:

PCG provides you with comprehensive monthly reports that include details of outreach activities, information on the prospects and the market feedback they provide, negotiations and outreach in progress, and closed sales to provide transparency in our efforts.

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