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Reinforce your existing sales programs or partner with PCG for long-term representation

Global Representation

You want to grow your business and create ongoing relationships with key decision-makers, but staff limitations, management time and overhead cost stand in the way. Let PCG be your dedicated sales force. With over twenty-five years of experience, our skilled library-facing sales staff has negotiated millions of dollars in new revenues for our publishing clients.

Our team will develop a sales plan to meet your objectives in key territories, conduct prospecting activities, visit decision-makers, negotiate terms, secure sales and manage orders.

PCG will:

  • Sell to libraries, consortia and end-users.
  • Upsell existing subscribers.
  • Grow your customer base.
  • Promote special offers and trials.

Content Sales

With PCG’s world-class operation, you can even expand into new markets. We are well positioned in emerging countries to generate leads and sell to academic libraries, government agencies, corporations and library consortia.

The PCG team will develop a sales plan to meet your objectives in key global markets, conduct prospecting activities, visit decision-makers, negotiate terms, secure sales, and manage orders. We work closely with our publishers to craft and execute sales strategies that deliver proven results.

PCG will:

  • Speak to your prospects in their language during their workday.
  • Visit your current and potential institutional customers.
  • Work with local third party vendors.
  • Negotiate with regional consortia.
  • Report on market trends.
  • Attend regional conferences

Local Market Penetration

Go truly multinational with PCG’s customer service program. Let our local office serves as your continental address, creating a nearby presence for your company. You can build closer relationships with your overseas customers by establishing communication in their native language. We will answer incoming inquiries regarding pricing, product content, access, article submission and claims.

By offering customer service in different time zones, you can decrease the response time for most queries and increase overall satisfaction by proving your commitment to effective communication with your current and potential subscribers.

Ten reasons PCG is the industry leader in publisher services

  1. We sell to libraries, end users, corporate customers, and global consortia
  2. We will grow your customer base
  3. PCG can speak to your prospects in their native language
  4. We will visit your current and potential customers
  5. PCG offers insightful and timely reporting on market trends
  6. We have negotiated many successful consortia deals at the regional and global level
  7. Let us attend regional conferences, serving as you in the marketplace
  8. Our skills extend to working seamlessly with local third-party vendors
  9. Grow your existing subscriber base with targeted upsell campaigns
  10. We will help market special offers and trials

PCG attends a number of global conferences each year, To learn more about our sales services, please contact us.

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