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Build your sales strategy on reliable data and insight into your customers

Before you can devise any editorial, marketing, pricing or content delivery strategies, you need useful market intelligence. Our industry veterans, drawn from the ranks of librarians, scholarly publishers and researchers, know which questions to ask, who to ask and how the answers can help you. PCG will formulate surveys, implement projects and identify recommendations that can make all the difference for your business.

PCG can answer:

  • What are end users looking for?
  • How can you address their most pressing concerns?
  • How is your collection perceived in the market?
  • What is the correct price point?

Read the PCG research case studies:

Case study: Sales Training for Edward Elgar Publishing
Case study: Pricing Strategy for American Psychiatric Publishing
Case study: Audience Feedback for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)


Marketing Support for our Publishers:

Atlas Support

Atlas Support (Spanish)


Strategic Consulting

PCG works with clients to develop marketing and sales strategies, recommend supporting market research initiatives, and help publishers review the effectiveness of their websites through usability studies. Publishers gain a better understanding of what actually works, what they could do to supplement their efforts, and how to avoid potentially disastrous or expensive mistakes.


Our online surveys provide insight into specific, targeted demographics and help publishers better understand the needs and wants of their consumers and end users.  Our in-depth analysis of the results along with tailored strategic recommendations will put you on the right path forward.

PCG’s experienced market research professionals conduct in-depth conversations with a subset of end-users to supplement survey results. We collect and analyze information garnered from segments of your subscriber base and provide you with further analysis, from testing new concepts in different countries, to identifying potential gaps in your target markets.

Read the PCG research survey reports:

Survey: Library and Information Spend Predictions For 2020

Ingenta PCG library survey findings and summary

Covid Response Package

Survey: Library and Information Spend Study 2021

Web Usability

Since the web is now ubiquitous in every aspect of publishing, the need for meaningful analytics grows stronger every day. PCG can help you go beyond basic clicks, unique visits and page views by identifying and interpreting useful metrics and data specific to your company. Publishing Technology’s long history of online hosting paired with PCG’s business acumen makes us the ideal partner to help you move your website forward.

Market Opportunity Analysis

Through extensive analysis of your current subscribers, lapsed subscribers, usage metrics and specialized research into niche markets, PCG can help you decide where the best opportunities for growth are and provide you with a target list for your sales activities.

Pricing Analysis

By analyzing pricing information and tier definitions, PCG is able to identify discrepancies in size, usage and profile of each tier. PCG will provide you with recommendations on how to maximize revenue and customer retention rates, while optimizing your pricing and product delineation strategies in diverse markets.

Competitor Analysis

By comparing competing publishers and their products, PCG will help you build an understanding of your position in the market. We can help you objectively identify your unique value proposition and uncover new marketing and sales opportunities.

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