22 May 2019

Ingenta Webinar – Maverick Discuss Open Access and Plan S


As open access evolves and details about Plan S unfold, it becomes increasingly apparent...
31 May 2019

SSP 2019 Annual Meeting

San Diego, USA 29, 30

Ingenta and PCG will be exhibiting at SSP 2019 Annual Meeting. The Society for...
13 June 2019

AUPresses 2019 Annual Meeting

Detroit, USA. 11, 12

 Nick Weir-Williams from Ingenta will be attending the AUPresses 2019 Annual Meeting which takes...
19 June 2019

Ingenta Webinar – Archiving your Valued Content with Portico


Portico provides libraries and publishers with reliable, cost-effective preservation of electronic resources, and contributes...

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