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Ingenta Implementation Services for customized product integration

Customized product integration that supports your unique needs.

Expert services to incorporate Ingenta products into your business.

Ingenta Implementation Services ensure our products are set up correctly and quickly to successfully meet your needs and align with your processes and systems. Staffed by highly experienced technology industry experts, Implementation Services follows a structured approach based on proven best practices to ensure each customer achieves optimal performance and outcomes across the suite of Ingenta products.

Business process consulting:

We can review your business processes to identify adjustments that will support greater efficiency and productivity. Solutions can include establishing new processes, assisting with process documentation, and creating detailed business requirement specifications.

System configuration:

Ingenta systems are highly configurable for existing, new, and changing business requirements. We can customize your settings to make sure you get the most out of your Ingenta products.

Legacy system data mapping, migration, and cleaning:

Ingenta provides extended support migrating data from your existing systems as well as inputting new data. This includes data profiling, quality definition, and cleaning to ensure alignment with system requirements and standards as well as verification for accuracy.


Hands-on training is a key part of our implementation process. Whenever possible, we model training examples on your business processes, which are incorporated into materials and instructional sessions. We can also provide training for new staff as well as refresher training on an ongoing basis.

Hypercare support:

Implementation Services provide focused support during the initial go-live weeks to help your staff acclimate to the system and ensure it is running smoothly prior to handing over support management to Ingenta’s dedicated business-as-usual teams. We can extend services beyond the hypercare period, including targeted support for specific areas on a regular basis and fully outsourced IT and operational service support.

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