Product Manager

Product management software for publishers

The Product Manager module of Ingenta Commercial provides publishers with integrated management of intellectual property and workflows, from pre-acquisition to post-production. It removes barriers between different business functions, ensuring everyone in your organisation is editing and using the same data. A digitally-native, content-agnostic solution, it helps you monetise your IP right from the start.

Product Manager enables information about works, their manifestations and their contributors to be managed and structured intelligently. It increases visibility internally, keeping everyone in the loop and on schedule, and externally, increasing awareness and sales of your products. An all-encompassing product management solution also minimises the number of systems you need, thereby reducing margins of error and costs of owner.

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Planning and acquisition of works   •   Managing metadata, including relationships between data items
Managing contributors, schedules and production workflows   •   Soliciting and tracking approval   •   Managing pricing
Planning, executing and tracking marketing activities   •   Distributing bibliographic data   • Monitoring profit


Manage your metadata


Ensure complete and reliable product information, exporting and distribution with our powerful Datashop technology.

  • Manage relationships / communications with retailers and web channels
  • Easily configure new feeds with user friendly interface
  • Create feeds for full titles or fragments
  • Manage metadata compliance and quality
  • Support multiple formats including ONIX, BIC, BISAC
  • Categorise, group, search digital assets and include in feeds as required
  • Share data to and from the digital asset repository

Simplify your lifecycle

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Ease the burden of product and project tracking through the use of product templates, easy financial forecasting and ready integration with all business functions.

  • Scheduling tailored to support the publishing process
  • Reports and alerts bringing data to the user, on screen or delivered digitally
  • Multiple AI document generation
  • Profit and loss reconciliations, from multiple scenario modeling to whole term monitoring
  • Standard interface and integration points, facilitating communication to CRM, warehouse, finance, contracts and other systems

Get it right from the start


Configurable to match your business by you without the need for custom programming, Product Manager provides publishers with essential control and consistency by improving visibility and opening lines of communication to monetise of all types of content. Don’t let information frustrate your ambitions when there is a single, digitally-native system that fits your business needs, across all your departments, products and processes.

The power of Ingenta Commercial

Ingenta Commercial is built on decades of business innovations specifically designed for the needs of the publishing industry. Available in a modular framework with a user-friendly interface, it supports:

  • All content: both physical and digital products
  • All business models: bundles and granularity
  • All channels: dynamic pricing, timed offers and retailer adaptability
  • All paths to discovery: best-in class metadata management


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