Order to Cash

Sales, marketing & distribution software for the publishing industry

The Order to Cash module of Ingenta Commercial allows publishers to package, market, sell and deliver content in the formats that readers demand, at the point of discovery. The application provides the range and depth of features necessary to integrate the delivery of diverse product types and billing methods via multiple channels, including e-books, online subscriptions, social commerce, digital access, downloads and service billing, while providing full support for print and physical products.

Publishers using Order to Cash are freed from restrictions, controls and inherent system management complexities to be creative with product development. With support for all content formats, you can implement a range of access and entitlement licensing models, comprehensive product bundling and highly configurable pricing and discounting options. The digitally-native system provides you with the underlying flexibility required to innovate, package, promote and move your content forward in an evolving marketplace.

Order to cash

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Customer information management   •   Product management and development   •   Marketing automation
Global sales management  •  Order processing   •   Fulfilment   •   Invoicing and payment processing
Integrated billing and delivery   •   Access control  •  Customer service and case management
Credit control   •   Integrated intelligence   •   Flexible reporting and analysis  •  Application-oriented architecture
Open integration with other systems   •   Configurable interfaces, dashboards and wizards
Infinite scalability   •   Flexible deployment / hosting   •   Industry-leading technologies   •   Regular upgrades

Everything you need

Order to Cash helps you support increasingly diverse customers and products with its flexible system architecture and granular data models. It enables you to manage any kind of customer, complex relationships between customers, new types of content and other assets, and fragmentation or aggregation of product elements.

Increase revenue

With Order to Cash, publishers can react quickly to market demands, customise products and experiment with new business models.

  • Supporting new content bundles, unique pricing, subscriptions and comprehensive product licensing options
  • Tailored sales to consortia and group purchasing models
  • Targeted promotions and upselling based on customer inquiry and purchasing habits

Reduce fulfilment cost

The flexible system allows you to realise efficiencies through automated processes, CRM integration and a highly configurable interface.

  • Real-time inventory allocation
  • Seamless warehouse and partner integration
  • Comprehensive customer demographics and product classifications
  • Adaptable templates, screens and workflow

Improve customer service

Transparency of information, flexible ecommerce and customer-facing functionality empower your sales, marketing and fulfilment operations and solidify your relationships.

  • Full tracking of order inquires, requests for quotes, correspondence, website visits and live meetings
  • Real-time, web-based customer self-service functions
  • Social network integration

Ingenta Commercial is built on decades of business innovations specifically designed for the needs of the publishing industry. Available in a modular framework with a user-friendly interface, it supports:

  • All content: both physical and digital products
  • All business models: bundles and granularity
  • All channels: dynamic pricing, timed offers and retailer adaptability
  • All paths to discovery: best-in class metadata management



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