Order to Cash (O2C)

The Order to Cash (O2C) module helps publishers and distributors to manage their overall order management process from beginning to end. It is a content agnostic solution supporting all product types and formats, one off sales as well as complex subscriptions. Publishers can package content fragments in different ways and sell them using a variety of different charging models. The module forms 1 of 3 highly configurable, content agnostic software modules that make up the full suite of Ingenta Commercial – a content and IP management platform.

Ingenta Commercial Order to Cash module


  • Subscriptions cover both fixed term or anytime start durations, physical and digital packages and delivery platforms and release & publication schedule management. 
  • The solutions include complex pricing, promotions, billing and licencing models including time related access or fixed downloads. Catch-ups and back issues are automatically created and various deferred revenue models are supported as standard. 
  • Auto renewals are generated as well as configurable reminder schedules and Industry standard EDI (ICEDIS). 
  • Trial and gratis subscriptions are also supported along with complex consortia deals.
  • Other features include: standing orders, back order management, accounts receivables, commissions, promotional campaign mailing, warehouse picking packing and shipping / dispatch, carrier / shipping management, and inventory management as well as significant integration capabilities.


Learn more about Ingenta Commercial and the benefits of integrating with
the Contracts Rights & Royalties (CR&R) module and/or Content Lifecycle Manager (CLM) module.

Order to Cash (O2C) like all the other modules in the Ingenta Commercial suite, can be purchased individually or implemented with any other module in the suite.

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