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Configurable, Flexible, and Complete

As complex as you need to drive your supply chain

Ingenta Order to Cash (O2C) streamlines, consolidates, and automates the order management process for publishers and distributors. From packaging and pricing to invoicing and inventory management, it unites your data to integrate complex business functions along the entire sales cycle into one system. Highly configurable and scalable, it is an end-to-end solution for a wide range of user types with diverse products and sales models.

Product and Subscription Management:

As a content-agnostic solution, Order to Cash facilitates the packaging, pricing, and management of multiple content types, including books, journals, newsletters, video, and more. Sales and advanced subscription models cover one-off purchases, metered access, fixed term, and more for both physical and digital products and delivery platforms. Generate automatic renewals and reminders, apply discounts, and manage access tokens and codes. The system also supports trial and gratis subscriptions as well as complex consortia deals.

Order Processing:

Order to Cash integrates complex order processing and billing across all product, pricing, payment, and invoicing models in a single interface. Seamless synchronization with inventory management and fulfillment supports greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

  • Split, merge, copy, de-duplicate, cancel, recall, refund, and track orders
  • Combine multiple product types and subscriptions within one order
  • Merge and reprice manual, third-party, and electronic orders
  • Enter, apply, authorize, and override customer credit limits
  • Incorporate market and territory restrictions
  • Automatically process standing and back orders
  • Customer self-service options include registration, price and availability calculation, online ordering, and shopping cart/soft reservation functionality
  • Set pricing and accept payment in multiple currencies


Order to Cash simplifies processes and tasks related to fulfillment and delivery of physical products, including warehouse documentation, picking, packing, and dispatch as well as carrier and shipping management. Integrated inventory management capability enables monitoring across multiple warehouses, retailers, and distributors. Order to Cash can also interface with print-on-demand systems.

Customer and case management:

Order to Cash simplifies and automates time-consuming functions related to customer sales, service, and issues.

  • Maintain and sort records of contacts and mailing lists for customers and prospects
  • Configure and manage multiple customer types including individuals, institutions, and consortia
  • Document customer inquiries, claims, feedback, and issues for enhanced service
  • Collect and analyze data to identify areas of improvement and potential opportunities

Revenue management and accounting:

With all of your financial data in one system, Order to Cash supports flexible management and reporting for accounts receivable and earned and deferred income.

  • Interfaces with third-party systems for general ledger and accounts payable
  • Support for multiple currencies and tax rules
  • Gain insights into revenue trends and sources with native tools for analysis within the application
  • Schedule automated exports and delivery of financial statements

Reporting and analysis

By unifying all of your product, customer, sales, and financial data, Order to Cash can help drive business development with analysis and reports on orders, renewals, product formats, customer types, and more. Schedule regular delivery of reports to executives and board members to monitor and support strategic goals and growth. Remote access enables users to track sales activity in the field and download reports as needed.

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