SSP 2020 Virtual Seminar Scholarly Publishing

Online From 30 September, 01 October 2020

Ingenta are sponsors of the SSP eventIngenta are proud to be sponsors of the forthcoming SSP 2020 Virtual Seminar: New Directions in Scholarly Publishing. This online Society of Scholarly Publishing event is due to take place on the 30th September and 1st October 2020. The SSP seminar will be of interest to academic publishing professionals, librarians, researchers, academicians, industry leaders, and corporate-level executives that work within the academic publishing arena.

With the COVID-19 global pandemic at the forefront of many publishers’ minds, this 2020 SSP New Directions Seminar will explore important new ways in which publishers and industry leaders can continue to support academic peer-reviewed research and the entire academic publishing ecosystem.

Scholarly publishing directly influences continued academic research, research funding, the validation of critical research, and the careers of academic researchers as we navigate a new normal. The seminar will provide dynamic panel discussions and influential keynote speakers addressing ways to develop and support researchers and their institutions around the world. Interactive sessions will also discuss the emerging use and policing of preprints, to the changing ways academic publishing is accomplished after a global pandemic.

To register and to find out more about the SSP Virtual Seminar please visit New Directions in Scholarly Publishing.

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