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With around 140 publishers, 16,000 books and journals, 25,000 registered institutions and millions of end-users, Ingenta’s fully outsourced, cost-effective e-publishing package offers proven technology and makes the digital migration process easy.

With 1.8m researchers worldwide relying on our services to access the content they need and 12.5 million page views and data requests for our customers each year, every second, every day, every year – Ingenta Connect is one of the leading resources for scholarly content.

Ingenta Connect for Publishers

On Ingenta Connect, you can take your business online within a matter of weeks. We offer a full spectrum of cost-effective services to choose from, whether you are taking your content online for the first time, looking to increase your revenue through online activity or thinking of creating a custom branded site design. We manage the details while you explore the possibilities. With Ingenta Connect and, you can:

  • Go online quickly and affordably
  • Improve visibility of content
  • Extend reach through proven channels
  • Manage subscriber access
  • Gain complete control over pricing
  • Explore new business models including Open Access
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Provide end-user support via our Help Desk for librarians and readers
  • Understand your audience with the Publisher Statistics package and Google Analytics

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Ingenta Connect for Libraries

Ingenta Library Membership will enable you and your patrons to get more out of Ingenta Connect and personalise the site for your own institution.

Standard Ingenta Connect features – browsing, access to OA and subscribed content, IP authentication and COUNTER4 reporting – are available free for library members and non-members alike, but Membership will offer a range of premium features:

  • Your institution’s custom page with your logo, internal (e.g. departmental) links and custom text
  • Support via mail and IM
  • RSS feeds for new issues
  • SUSHI reports
  • Unlimited Alerting for published material by Keyword, New Issue and for Pre-Publication, with customise messaging in the Alerts
  • Exportation of MARC XML records for enabled subscriptions
  • Single sign-on via Open Athens and Shibboleth

In addition, discounts and benefits will be made available from time to time which will enable real cost savings throughout each year of membership. The first organisations to offer discounts to our Library Members include RedLink Dashboard and Kudos.

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