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The breadth and depth of African-rich research

We have just introduced Sabinet’s vast range of publications into Ingenta Connect. A tremendously important collection of journals relating to Africa, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to make the collection available to you and your patrons. Cathy Naidoo of Sabinet tells us more…

As a steward of information both coming into South Africa, and travelling from Africa to the world, Sabinet makes continual commitments to furthering research, education, and offering the African information market the best resources for research. It is no surprise that Sabinet African ePublications (SA ePublications) aims to provide the world with valuable information that is applicable in Africa and respected internationally.

From 2001, Sabinet African ePublications has provided the world with access to the largest collection of comprehensive, searchable full-text African electronic journals available on one platform –

This collection of information pertains to, or originates from, the continent of Africa. As a result, SA ePublications provides a platform for African publication and establishes a firm groundwork for Africa’s information to travel the world.

Whilst interest in African research continues to grow internationally, SA ePublications provides researchers with the most wide-ranging African journals that include:

  • Business and Finance Collection
  • Education Collection
  • Labour Collection
  • Law Collection
  • Medicine and Health Collection
  • Religion Collection
  • Science, Technology and Agriculture Collection
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Collection
  • African Journal Archive

The collection is proud to be the biggest of its kind, with an exclusive assortment of African and southern African journal titles, which include more than 430 titles and growing as well as more than 370 000 full text articles.

It has been Sabinet’s vision for over 30 years to ensure the capture and stewardship of all accurate information, and its availability, is maintained.

For more information contact To see the collection, please visit Sabinet or go to

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