Ingenta Connect Library Newsletter Summer 2017

Welcome to the Summer Edition of the Ingenta Connect library newsletter. In this issue….

• The 2017 George Pitcher Award, Free Webinars and Videos
• RedLink Library Dashboard
• Supporting print-impaired students – a Case Study
• PaperHive – introducing a collaborative PDF annotation tool
• British Library / Ingenta collaboration on archival digitisation and delivery
• Focus on…Transport Economics and Infrastructure
• Upcoming events

The George Pitcher Memorial Award 2017, Free Webinars & Ingenta Connect’s very own YouTube Channel

George Pitcher Memorial Award – We’re delighted to announce this year’s George Pitcher Memorial Award. The Award itself will take the form of sponsorship; the winner will by sponsored (conference costs incl. travel contribution and all accommodation) to attend the 6th CILIP ARLG-SW DARTS Conference at Dartington Hall, Totnes, on Thursday 24th – Friday 25th May 2018. Read more…

RedLink Library Dashboard — Helping You See What You’re Missing

RedLink is an independent startup providing software-as-a-service to libraries and academic publishers.  Our goal is to solve challenges faced by both libraries and publishers, making content easier for readers to access, and analytics easier to use to inform decision-making. We believe we bring a unique perspective on how data can be used to help academic publishers, editors, readers, users, and libraries save time and streamline their collaborations.  We strive to provide innovative solutions that cut across platforms and help to unite the scholarly ecosystem.  Our mission and purpose is to help our customers “see what they’re missing”. Read more…

Support for print impaired students at Leeds Beckett University Library

Vicki Dobson and Sue Smith, Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University has over 28,000 students and is based across two campuses, one in Leeds City Centre and one at Headingley, with a library at each site. Leeds Beckett University Library provides a range of services and support to disabled students. This article will focus on the support for students with print impairments who cannot access printed text. This is most often due to a visual impairment or a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) which affects their ability to read printed text, or a physical impairment which affects their ability to manipulate printed material. Leeds Beckett University has over 1,500 students with a print impairment. Read more…

PaperHive – the co-working hub for researchers

PaperHive is a peer-to-peer co-working hub for researchers that aims to make reading more collaborative; over the summer Ingenta signed an agreement with the company offering PaperHive integration to any participating publisher hosting content on the Ingenta Connect and Ingenta Open sites. Read more…

Archival Digitisation – a unique Collaboration with The British Library

Every institutional library has its own archive of rare documents and publications. No matter how important this content may be to specialist researchers, as “hard copy” it remains accessible to very few. Creating a digital version is the answer, of course, but inevitably this begs the question, how can such content be safely and securely digitised? And how can the resulting digital assets be made available and widely distributed? Read more…

Focus On…Transport

Every issue we focus on areas of content on Ingenta Connect, to introduce you to new publishers, collections and titles that you may not otherwise be familiar with and draw attention to the depth and range of content on our site. In this issue, we look at Transport. Of interest to all those working in the field of transport networks and economic policies internationally, we’d like to draw your attention to a few collections and titles that may well be on interest to your patrons – or to you! Read more…


It’s going to be a busy Fall (or Autumn, if you’re this side of the Atlantic). This is where we’ll be in the last four months of the year – come along and say hello!

ALPSP  The 10th annual conference and awards in Noordwijk, Netherlands, (13th to 15th September 2017)

COASPA  The 9th annual conference of OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association) in Lisbon, Portugal, (20th and 21st September 2017)

FRANKFURT  – Frankfurt, Germany, (11th to 15th October 2017)

CHARLESTON – Charleston, USA, (6th to 10th November 2017)

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