PaperHive – the co-working hub for researchers

PaperHive is a peer-to-peer co-working hub for researchers that aims to make reading more collaborative; over the summer Ingenta signed an agreement with the company offering PaperHive integration to any participating publisher hosting content on the Ingenta Connect and Ingenta Open sites.

If you’re unfamiliar with PaperHive, it’s a web platform that transforms reading into a more social and active process of collaboration, with over 1.2 million academic articles and books currently available from participating publishers, to be read and discussed in real time. Latest list to be added are all Knowledge Unlatched’s open publications. Comments are persistent, shareable and can become a part of open academic literature.

To quote Alexander Naydenov, co-founder of PaperHive: “Researchers read 12-25 hours a week depending on their discipline. Yet, understanding research articles and books – some of the most complex documents in the world – is hard and inefficient in isolation. Students and inexperienced researchers waste time trying to decipher these texts alone, senior researchers dig through folders of articles irrelevant for their own work, and all at some point might repeat unknowingly others’ mistakes or include these as a citation in their own paper”. (extract from London School of Economic’s blog at )

We feel PaperHive – one of several new tools for collaborative sharing, which include Remarq and – offers a powerful new tool for researchers and academics, which will lead to time and cost saving efficiencies in research, as well as greater accuracy. We’re currently promoting PaperHive to our publishing partners. To learn more, visit




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