Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin autumn 2016

Welcome to the Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin – Frankfurt Edition

In this issue, we spotlight the publisher trend to XML and announce a special offer to our publishers to help make XML a more viable alternative for all our clients.
We confirm the launch later this month of our exciting new Ingenta Open hosting platform and discovery gateway.  Our partnership with Kudos is highlighted, along with two important services that will help you make the most of Ingenta Connect – Fast Track and Supplementary Data.
A new Ingenta Connect advertising initiative is currently underway involving higher education and academic institutions, and we provide information about that.
We round off with details about our upcoming conferences and events at Frankfurt Book Fair and Annual Charleston Library Conference, as well as feature new publishers who have joined Ingenta Connect.
Joan Dargan, Editor

Why XML is more than merely important!

XML (Extensible Markup Language) improves the functionality of the web by letting you identify your information in a more accurate, flexible, and adaptable way. XML is a metalanguage — a language for describing other languages. A lot of content is sent to us as PDF – but content loading is swifter and more accurate if typesetting is done in XML. Why should you consider using it? Read more…

By Byron Russell, Head of Ingenta Connect


Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2016

Upcoming and New

Ingenta Open – the Discovery Hub for Open Access Research

Very exciting news for everyone involved in Open Access, either as publisher or researcher! Ingenta Open – a new portal and platform solution from Ingenta – will launch on the URL in October 2016. Ingenta Open will provide a one-stop discovery platform and hosting service, exclusively for open access content. It will broaden the scope of user browsing to eventually cover both internal and external content sources, including institutional repositories. Read more…

By Joan Dargan, Senior Account Manager, Europe, Ingenta Connect


Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2016

Ingenta News

Increase usage and impact – benefit from the Ingenta–Kudos partnership

You may remember reading earlier this year about a new partnership between Ingenta Connect and Kudos, designed to help publishers maximize the usage and impact of their work by mobilizing authors to undertake more post-publication promotion. Several Ingenta Connect publishers, including Cognizant, Science Reviews and UCL Press, have since joined Kudos, which now has over 70 publisher clients and over 100,000 researcher users. Read more…

By Ann Lawson, Head of Client Management


Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2016

Making the most of Ingenta Connect

Fast Track and Supplementary Data are two important ways you can enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect.
Fast Track
On Ingenta Connect, you unlock the many benefits of digital content – including the ability to disseminate articles quickly.  Our Fast Track service is a rapid publication option that allows publishers to upload articles ahead of print or before they are published in a regular issue. Read more…

By Jessica Snapke, Senior Account Manager, USA, Ingenta Connect


Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2016

Supplementary Data

Your authors and readers expect an enhanced online experience. They seek the research they need accompanied by all supporting figures, graphics and documents delivered in the most timely and easily accessible manner. You can create new interest, serve your users and add value to your content on ingentaconnect with Supplementary Data. Read more…

Advertise with us!

Shortly after you read this, you’ll see a change in our home page as we start to advertise our publishers’ products and research offers from leading universities. Interested? Read more….

By Byron Russell


Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2016

Upcoming conferences and events

We have a pretty active autumn coming up. First, we shall, of course be at Frankfurt, and on Wednesday 19th  9:30 – 10:30 we’re hosting a panel on Open Access and discovery at the Hall 4.2 N99 Hot Spot stage. Guests include Frances Pinter, CEO of Knowledge Unlatched, Phill Jones, Director of Publishing Innovation, Digital Science, and Carrie Calder, Business Operations Director, Springer Nature – all thought-provoking experts in their field to kick-start your Wednesday. Read more…

By Natalia Mordovina-Wright, Sales & Marketing Executive


Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2016

New Publishers on Ingenta Connect

Look out for these great new publishers on Ingenta Connect.

Euromed Communications
Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society
Claeys and Casteels

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