Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin Autumn 2017


Welcome to the Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin – Frankfurt Edition

In this important issue, we bring you the latest news about the new 2018 Data Protection Regulations, as well as focus on a number of industry initiatives. We provide highlights of the recent ALPSP Annual Conference, the SSP Conference and a Book Machine Event: Scholarly Publishing:  Crossing the Rubicon.

The new developments we spotlight include:  Turkey – Site Licence opportunity, Journals; PaperHive, the RedLink Publisher Dashboard, and we also provide an update on Ingenta Open.

We present information about New Product features, including:  Content Tracker, the new Ingenta Connect Tabbed Interface, Meta and the Counter 5 release.

We also offer an Industry Viewpoint about ‘Getting it Right’, from the CEO and Founder of We Are Futureproofs Ltd.

To help you make the most of Ingenta Connect, we feature the Advertising and Free Trial service, and we also inform you about upcoming Conferences and Events, including a new China International Publishing Symposium Ingenta is sponsoring in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University, the Confucius Institutes Hanban and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.  We round off with Upcoming Webinars and New Publishers who have joined the Ingenta Connect platform.

We hope you find the Publisher Bulletin useful and would be pleased to receive any feedback or comments you may wish to provide.

Also, remember, your first line of enquiry if you have any questions about any of the content expressed in the Bulletin should be your Account Manager.

Joan Dargan


Are you ready for the GDPR?

Byron Russell attended a recent Publishers Association seminar on the new 2018 Data Protection Regulations – the GDPR. This is what he found out.

On May 18, 2018, the new GDPR (personal data protection) regulations come into effect, and this will have radical implications for all of us. Although this is an EU regulation – and despite Brexit – it will be absorbed into UK law and supplant the current regulations (the Data Protection Act 1998). Note that the new regulations affect all publishers who process data that comes from, or is fed to, the European Union – so US Publishers are potentially affected too.

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ALPSP conference report

It’s so bracing in the ALPSP!

Byron Russell was in “sunny” Holland for the 10th Anniversary ALPSP Conference

The ALPSP conference this year in celebration of its 10th anniversary was held in Noordwijk-an upmarket resort on the Dutch coast just a few yards from sandy beach. Unfortunately, on the first day of the conference, Holland saw one of the heaviest gales in a many a year.  The wind howled along the promenade, tearing up the sand and giving all participants what Audrey McCulloch drolly described as a free micro dermabrasion.

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SSP conference report

Fiona Carr, US Account Manager, Ingenta Connect

In June 2017, Ingenta attended and exhibited at the Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Conference (SSP) in Boston, USA.  SSP is a key event on the publishing calendar and proved to be extremely busy for us.   There were some excellent keynote and plenary speakers throughout the event.  For example, Paula Stephans of Georgia State University opened the conference with a very strong keynote talking about the changing characteristics of ‘academe’ and how it’s now regarded as an alternative career to being in industry.

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BookMachine event—Scholarly Publishing:  Crossing the Rubicon

Byron Russell, Head of Ingenta Connect, recently participated in an industry event organised by BookMachine in collaboration with Ingenta.  The event was designed to be an informal discussion with networking and refreshments for scholarly and academic publishers in Oxford and the wider area.

Byron chaired a panel, which included Charlie Rapple, Sales & Marketing Director and Co-founder of Kudos; Duncan Campbell, Director, Digital Licensing and Sales Partnerships with John Wiley & Sons, and Phil Jones, Director of Publishing Innovation, Digital Science.

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New developments

Turkey – site licence opportunity, journals

Joan Dargan, Senior Account Manager Europe, Ingenta Connect

Ingenta Connect is pleased to announce that we are exploring a possible opportunity for the bulk licensing of a selection of Journal content – a ‘Collection’ from different Ingenta Connect publishers, sold into one key market via a market specific portal.

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PaperHive – attract new readers through collaboration

PaperHive enables researchers to read, discuss and annotate academic content in collaboration with their colleagues and the wider academic community. By integrating PaperHive’s enhanced reader and widget, publishers benefit from both an annotation system, and a copyright-compliant collaborative research platform. PaperHive improves the reach and impact of research content.

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RedLink Publisher Dashboard helps you see what you’re missing

Kent Anderson, CEO

Nicola Poser, Managing Director

For many this time of year, there is a slight chill in the crisp air and a gorgeous blue sky.  We know autumn is approaching. We’re booking travel to meetings again, packing and unpacking, and bracing for more emails and messages. It all signals that selling season is here!

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Ingenta Open – phase 2!

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 marks the first anniversary of the launch of Ingenta Open, our new hub for open access content and open access publishers.

There have been two new major developments over the past 12 months since launch. The first is that we are now indexing all the content from the directory of open access journals (DOAJ). The second is that we are also indexing all the open access articles from hybrid journals that are hosted on Ingenta Connect. This unique feature will enable all researchers to find open access content from both fully open access journals and hybrid channels in just one place, and drive additional traffic to subscribed and PPV content on Ingenta Connect.

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New product features

Content Tracker

Holly Rondeau, Senior Ingenta Connect Client Support Manager

Here at Ingenta Connect, we work continually to improve our services and infrastructure in order to better serve our publishers.  One of the most important recent developments has just been implemented – a completely new Content Tracker.  Our updated Content Tracker will keep you fully up-to-date with when and where each issue has been sent, so you will know when content is being processed and when it will go live.

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The Ingenta Connect user experience just gets better!

Ruth Hernandez, Account Manager, Ingenta Connect

Following positive feedback from our clients on Ingenta Open, the team has introduced the same tabbed functionality on Ingenta Connect. Users can now access issues, links to related subjects, supplementary data (such as video) where this has been provided, and Fast Track / pre-publication articles at title level.

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Meta – helping academics understand and discover global research

Meta is a non-commercial tool that helps scientists understand global research developments and trends. Meta uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read the world’s scholarly papers, understand what is in them, and deliver their insights to researchers in real time.  Early this year Meta was acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery (see ).

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Here now – the new COUNTER 5 release

COUNTER 5 is in our Roadmap for implementation in the 2018 pipeline. Byron Russell talked to Lorraine Estelle, COUNTER Project Director, to find out more about the updated industry-standard statistical reporting tool for librarians everywhere.

The team at Project COUNTER felt that they needed to make the COUNTER code of practice far more accessible, and have now developed a new website which presents user-friendly guides for libraries on how to best use reports, and – very importantly – a guide for publishers to aid those who are not fully compliant yet, and those who are not yet compliant at all.  Details are available at

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Industry viewpoint

Getting it right

By John Pettigrew, CEO and Founder of We Are Futureproofs Ltd

Successful publishing has always been a case of getting the right content to the right customer at the right time. The challenge of the past 20 years, though, has been that “right” has changed its meaning for each of those three key aspects.

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Making the most of Ingenta Connect

Advertising and Free Trials are two important ways you can enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect.

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Events and webinars

See all our upcoming events and webinars

 New publishers on Ingenta Connect

Ingenta Connect welcomes the following publishers to the platform:     

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Stop press

Following the success of Google Subscriber Links in driving additional traffic, we’re planning to integrate Google’s Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) for all publishers in Ingenta Connect this year.  More information on CASA will be available from your Account Manager shortly.

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