The Ingenta Connect User Experience just gets better!

Ruth Hernandez, Account Manager, Ingenta Connect

Following positive feedback from our clients on Ingenta Open, the team has introduced the same tabbed functionality on Ingenta Connect. Users can now access issues, links to related subjects, supplementary data (such as video) where this has been provided, and Fast Track / pre-publication articles at title level.

At article level, the new tabbed interface highlights abstracts, metrics, citations, references and data/media.  Access to the information users want is now much clearer and faster than ever before improving the whole experience. It is now easier to spot the links to related articles without the need to scroll to the bottom of a lengthy page.

What’s more, like the rest of the interface, the new features are fully responsive and make using Ingenta Connect much easier on a tablet or smartphone, like the rest of the interface. Sharing content via social media is as easy as it has always been, with quick links to stumbleupondel.icio.usdigg and Diigo, as well as the usual sites such as twitter.

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