Making the Most of Ingenta Connect

Advertising and Free Trials are two important ways you can enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect.


One of the questions we often get asked is how we can help with marketing. Well, we’re looking at ways of doing just that. Though we have stay compliant with the new GDPR regulations regarding initiatives such as end-user mailing, one way in which we already support publisher clients is via home page advertising, which we plan to extend to our library login page too – so every university library using Ingenta Connect (and over 20,000 do!) will see the ads.

Advertising with us on the Ingenta Connect or Ingenta Open home page currently has to fulfil one of three criteria. The advertisement has to promote:

  • A publisher hosted on Ingenta Connect
  • A university or faculty study program at post-graduate level
  • A service of real benefit to researchers and writers

Each advertisement costs £250 per month, though discounts are applicable for multiple months, and links through to your pages on Ingenta or your own website. For more information, including formats and sizes, go to, talk with your Account Manager or email

Free Trials

Ingenta Connect places your content in front of a global audience of researchers, providing you with an ideal opportunity to grow your subscriber base and reach new markets.  By offering Free Trials through temporary access to one or more publications, publishers can supplement promotional campaigns, offer a new benefit and generate new leads.

Free trials can be configured for personal users, institutions, or both.  You determine the titles, volumes or issues you wish to make available, and the period during which users will have access.  We then provide a module that captures registration information and email this data to you on a weekly basis.  You can then use this registration data for additional marketing to prospective subscribers of your free trial publication and others in related fields.

A Free Trial on Ingenta Connect provides:

  • Full details of users signing up for the trial, for marketing and follow-up
  • Promotion via the Ingenta Connect Library newsletter bulletin and social media
  • Options for targeting institutions and/or personal users
  • Complete control over trial content and duration

With built-in advantages, Ingenta Connect does the work for you.  We provide the audience, activate the trial and set up access and reporting, while you reap the benefits of new leads and marketing opportunities from your content.

For further information, please contact your Account Manager.

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