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Turkey – Site Licence Opportunity, Journals

Joan Dargan, Senior Account Manager Europe, Ingenta Connect

Ingenta Connect is pleased to announce that we are exploring a possible opportunity for the bulk licensing of a selection of Journal content –  a ‘Collection’ from different Ingenta Connect publishers, sold into one key market via a market specific portal.

Sales will be under the recommendation of a central consortium, with a local agent selling site licences to local HEI libraries.

This initiative came about as a result of a survey Ingenta recently undertook with our publishing partners to judge the viability of the proposal.

According to our survey, China and Brazil are seen as key potential markets, with Turkey, Russia and Germany as other opportunities of interest.  For a variety of reasons, we have chosen Turkey as our first market.

There are 167 universities in Turkey (public or private); the total number of graduates from tertiary education programs increased by 170% between 2005 and 2014.  Turkey has 17 universities in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings.  Education is presently the biggest item on the Turkish government budget:  direct and indirect expenditures on education increased by 54% between 2011 and 2014, from 20.3 USD $ billion.

Over half the respondents felt single site licences – our chosen model- would be the best option, with 85% wanting to licence all their journal content currently on IC – not just a selection.

To publishers, the biggest single benefit will be a fuss-free, cost-free entry into a new market.  This way, the cost of sale is practically zero and Ingenta would handle the administrative side, working with the agent on publishers’ behalf.  For local Universities, the main benefits are simplicity, minimal paperwork, and access to a broad variety of high quality, multidisciplinary content.

Currently we have 57 publishers interested, including American Academy of Audiology, Bristol University Press and American Scientific Publishers – altogether nearly 500 journals. We are currently preparing contract addendums outlining complete details and projected revenue for review by those publishers. If you would like to be involved there is still time, but please contact your account manager immediately – otherwise you will have to wait until 2019!

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