Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin Spring 2017

Welcome to the Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin – London BookFair Edition. It’s an especially important one – please read carefully!

It’s been a busy six months since Frankfurt, where we launched Ingenta Open. The new platform is about to move into a faster gear as we sponsor and collaborate with DOAJ, a move that will see us adding 2.4m Open Access articles to the service via a special DOAJ page, and move the new site into Google’s discovery space. Any DOAJ-affiliated publisher will have the opportunity to have their own feature page on Ingenta Open and Ingenta Connect.

Due to the introduction of traffic-driving tools such as ReadCube and TrendMD, 2016 was a great year for Ingenta traffic. Overall we realised a traffic increase of 25% over 2016, with no fewer than 208,660,442 site sessions and 11.2m unique visitors – or 21 visitors every minute! Read more on how we plan to develop this further with TrendMD’s professional plans and Meta – a new free fulltext discovery tool.

In this important issue, we spotlight…

  • our new relationship with CEPIEC and Baidu in China
  • our new XML typesetting services
  • EduServe’s Open Athens new Publisher Manifesto
  • a new not-for-profit discovery service called Meta
  • TrendMD’s pay-per-click content recommendation plans
  • Ingenta Connect Service Improvements and News
  • Getting the Most from the Service

We round off with details about our upcoming conferences and events at LBF and the UKSG and SSP Conferences, and highlight a few of the new publishers who have joined Ingenta Connect.

Please remember your first line of enquiry if you have any questions about any of the content expressed in the Newsletter should be your Account Manager – Joan Dargan, Ruth Hernandez or Caroline Moore.
Byron Russell

Ingenta Connect partners with CEPIEC in China

 In January 2017, we began collaboration with China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation (CEPIEC) for the pay-per-view sale of scholarly content into China, delivered as metadata via Ingenta Connect. Read more.

Ingenta Connect Launches XML First and XML Last Typesetting Service

As you may recall from our last newsletter, XML (Extensible Markup Language) improves the functionality of the web by letting you identify your information in a more accurate, flexible, and adaptable way. A lot of content is sent to us as PDF but content loading is swifter and more accurate if typesetting is done in XML. Read more.

OpenAthens – Publisher Manifesto

Publishers, information professionals, and end-users all depend on the technology that underpins the dissemination of scholarly communication. These systems don’t exist in a bubble – the routes users take to content (and their expectations of when and where they will be able to access it) are evolving in lockstep with advances in hardware, and systems must be constantly refined and developed to keep up. Read more.

Meta – Get your Science Discovered!

Meta is a noncommercial tool that helps scientists understand global research developments and trends. Meta uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read the world’s scholarly papers, understand what is in them, and deliver their insights to researchers in real time.  Meta was recently acquired by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. Here’s what Greg Tannenbaum of Meta has to say about the engine. Read more.

Up Your Game with TrendMD

As part of TrendMD’s partnership with Ingenta, TrendMD is now providing annual packages to all Ingenta Connect publishers. Here’s Danielle Toccalino, head or partnerships at TrendMD. Read more.

Upcoming and New: Ingenta’s own CMS Platform

Several of our publishers have asked about alternative hosting solutions. Though they are pleased with Ingenta Connect’s broad reach, they require additional feature sets that the current “off the peg” service cannot provide. For publishers with deeper pockets, having their own content management system is an obvious solution.

Ingenta has its own – Ingenta CMS. Read more.

Ingenta News

Here at Ingenta Connect we work continually to improve the services and infrastructure. Sometimes – as you may be aware – this means taking a step back to take three steps forward, but I hope you will agree that the platform has become far more robust and effective over the past 18 months. The two most important recent developments have just been implemented. These are a new Distribution Hub and a completely new Content Tracker. Read more.

Making the most of Ingenta Connect

Collections and Compilations are two important ways you can enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect. Read more.

Advertise with us!

You may have seen that you can now advertise on the home page of Ingenta Connect, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of users. Read more.

Upcoming Conferences and Events

We have a busy six months coming up. First, we shall, of course, be in Olympia London at the London Book Fair – drop in and see us at 7G41. Read more.

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