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Here at Ingenta Connect we work continually to improve the services and infrastructure. Sometimes – as you may be aware – this means taking a step back to take three steps forward, but I hope you will agree that the platform has become far more robust and effective over the past 18 months. The two most important recent developments have just been implemented. These are a new Distribution Hub and a completely new Content Tracker.

The Distribution Hub will ensure that all your content – including Fast Track, where applicable – is sent in a timely manner to your chosen distribution points, such as Portico, EBSCO and CrossRef.

Our new Content Tracker – complete with a revised, improved DOI generator – will keep you fully up to date with when and to whom each issue has been sent, so you will know when content is being processed and when it will go live.

If you would like further information about either if these two vital service improvements, please contact your Account Manager.

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