Upcoming Conferences and Events

We have a busy six months coming up. First, we shall, of course, be in Olympia London at the London Book Fair – drop in and see us at 7G41.

After that we’ll be at the 40th Annual UKSG Conference in beautiful Harrogate, where we’ll be meeting both our publishing partners and our librarian colleagues, in  particular, those who have joined our new Library Membership Scheme.

In May, we’re off to Boston, home of our US offices, for the SSP Conference where we’ll run a panel discussion on Degrees of Open-ness: Challenges and Solutions in the Analysis of Open Access Metric? Our guests will be Dr Lucy Montgomery, Asst. Prof. at Curtin University, Dr Eric Archambault, CEO of Science Metrix, and Dr John Chodacki, Director of the University of California Curation Center.

And to finish – don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel which features tutorials and webinar recordings, and coming soon, interviews with industry figures. First up – Charlie Rapple of Kudos.

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