Ingenta Connect Publisher News Bulletin – June 2018

Ingenta Publisher Bulletin


Hello and welcome to the monthly Ingenta news update – a new, regular bulletin that’s designed to provide a quick-to-read summary of the latest developments here at Ingenta Connect and Open.

This month: Ingenta Open launches, GDPR becomes law and we have a new publisher on our class-leading content management platform Ingenta CMS. And now Ingenta Connect speaks!

For any questions you have about any aspects of our service to you, or any suggestions for new features or services, please contact your account manager or contact me –

Ingenta Open goes Live

Ingenta Open ( is an entirely new platform, built on Ingenta’s very own proprietary Ingenta CMS architecture. It has been conceived specifically and exclusively for Open Access content and was launched at the London Book Fair 2018, though it is far from complete. Content is being continually added to the new platform. Peter Lang was the first publisher to actively switch their OA content from hosting on Ingenta Connect to Ingenta Open, and we now index all the content from eLife, DOAJ and DOAB. PLOS and Ubiquity will shortly join the growing collection of OA publishers that we promote and index. Our friends at Trend MD will be cross-recommending all Ingenta Open content, supporting interdisciplinary research and discovery. We’re working on new features and functions and will keep you updated over the coming weeks.

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GDPR – been and gone?

The sky did not fall in, nor was there widespread panic in the streets. There was, however, a lot of confusion, especially in the US, over what the new legislation might entail. Here at Ingenta, as you will be aware, we have put new security measures in place. This of you who send us content via FTP will now have to migrate to SFTP, which requires new login credentials. Please ask your account manager if you normally send new content via FTP and haven’t received your new SFTP login credentials yet.

We have put new mechanisms in place to secure personal data (PID or PII) and have a new Privacy Statement, which includes a confirmation of user rights. At first, we were very concerned about alerting – a key source of traffic for published content – and whether users would have to opt-in or lose their alerts. In fact, they didn’t – users have already signed up for the service, so it can continue uninterrupted. However, a certain amount of re-engagement will be necessary and that process – which may, in some cases, require end users to complete new registration forms – is now being put into action. You can read about the Scholarly Kitchen’s view on GDPR here.

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Latest Publisher on the Ingenta CMS Platform

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association publishes a world-renowned series of books, manuals and other publications that together provide a comprehensive dataset covering small animal clinical practice. The new BSAVA Library allows users to search and access these publications at the granular level of chapter, article, drug entry, client leaflet or even congress lecture.
The resources are aimed at the veterinarian in practice, but they are also widely used by specialists, veterinary students, veterinary nurses, veterinary nursing students and practice staff.

The BSAVA Library is a great showcase of Ingenta CMS functionality. Designed to be simple and intuitive it boasts a clean user interface with responsive design so that it can be accessed on the go. Items within the library have been ‘tagged’ to help users easily find material by particular clinical topic, animal, or content that is aimed at a particular audience.

As Ian Mellor, BSAVA Publications Manager, said: “We are very excited about this latest phase of our digital innovation at the BSAVA. Our research shows members are busier than ever and the BSAVA Library makes it even easier for veterinary professionals to access a wide range of content from anywhere in the world.

Rowland Conway, Product Director at Ingenta adds: “It has been fantastic working with BSAVA to make this extremely valuable practitioner content, much of it previously only available in print, available in new and exciting formats such as video case studies to enhance the user experience. The extremely flexible content modelling of Ingenta CMS has enabled slick presentation of and inter-relationships between non-traditional academic content such as client information, drug formularies and poison guides to more typical books, journals and proceedings. It has been an exciting journey to create a truly unique and accessible resource.

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Ingenta Connect and Accessibility

ReadSpeaker_tool_exampleIngenta Connect is committed to providing a platform that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our platform and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines. However, we’re only part of the story, as the content we disseminate comes from our publishers and libraries. On Wednesday June 13th – still just time to register – you can find out from experts from JISC and the Publisher’s Association how you can make your content more accessible to those readers and researchers with visual impairments and other print disabilities. Read more about the ‘Accessibility and Your Content’ webinar here.

And from our side, our latest new feature is the addition of ReadSpeaker’s proprietary TTS (text to speech) converter. With ReadSpeaker’s online text to speech solutions, content is available to a larger population of users, such as those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, language learners, and anyone else looking for a simpler way to access digital content on the go.

For ReadSpeaker’s online, SaaS-based product no downloads are necessary. Online content is speech-enabled on the fly with text to speech.

Users simple click on the floating “Listen” tag or highlight sections of the text they want to hear.

Texts can now be used for additional purposes such as language training and made far more accessible without having to leave the main site. To quote one review, ReadSpeaker “is clean, simple, and straightforward to use..

From: The Digital Accessibility Centre

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Upcoming Free Webinars (all start at 3 p.m. UK time)

  • Accessibility and Your Content (13th June)

Ingenta Connect is committed to providing a platform that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our platform and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines. However, we’re only part of the story, as the content we disseminate comes from our publishers and libraries. Find out from experts from JISC and the Publisher’s Association how you can make your content more accessible to those readers and researchers with visual impairments and other print impairments. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • Yewno: Increasing content discoverability using AI technology (15th August)

Yewno Unearth looks across entire collections, helping expose the full value within holdings. The system creates a topical hierarchy and automatically updates whenever new concepts are introduced, enabling incredibly powerful AI-driven searching for researchers and library patrons.
Guest Presenter: Manisha Bolina is Senior Sales Manager, Europe – Yewno. She has extensive experience in the STM scholarly publishing industry, having held senior positions within BioOne and Publishers Communications Group. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • RedLink Publisher Dashboard (12th September)

RedLink provides powerful usage data visualization tools for publishers and librarians, and has launched RedLink Network, a public benefit company that helps both publishers and librarians deliver secure access to subscribed content more efficiently and reliably. Today’s webinar demonstrates how RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard can help maximise revenues and monitor sales and downloads.
Guest Presenter: Nicola Poser is Managing Director at Redlink, Inc. Prior to joining the company in 2016 she held senior management positions at The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • AllrightsOnline: An introduction to Licencing (3rd October)

Licencing is one of the most powerful tools at a publisher’s disposal, but also one of the most complex and – potentially – the most daunting. This webinar looks at the legal ins and outs of content licensing, how to avoid common pitfalls and engineer the best possible deals for you as publishers and for your authors.
Guest Presenter: Berendina van Straalen, a certified mediator in copyright issues. She has a longstanding working experience as a researcher, translator, editor and manager of subsidiary rights within the publishing industry. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • Open Access (14th November)

On the surface, Open Access should be straightforward. Everything is free and can be used, reused and share – or can it? And if this is the case, how can it be sustainable as a business model? Our guest presenter is one of Europe’s leading experts on the OA ecosystem. An unmissable session for anyone interested in the OA publishing, or flipping to an OA model.
Guest Presenter: Eelco Ferwerda, director of OAPEN. He has been active in the area of open access for monographs since 2008, when he started managing OAPEN as EU co-funded project with 6 European university presses. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • The what, why and how of DOIs (12th December)

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are special strings of alphanumeric characters that form a persistent link to individual publications. They are issued at the time of publication, much like an ISBN or a serial number. DOIs are bound to metadata about the content object, such as a URL, indicating where it can be found. But what is their real value, and why should you, as a publisher, engage with them?

Guest Presenter: Rachel Lammey, Head of Community Outreach at CrossRef Rachael worked as publishing manager with Taylor & Francis before joining Crossref in 2012. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

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