Ingenta Connect Publisher Newsletter – The London Book Fair Edition

Welcome to the Ingenta Connect Publisher Bulletin – London Book Fair Edition. It is filled with useful information and updates, so please read carefully!

In this important issue, we highlight Ingenta Openthe one stop shop for open access content. We’ll be attending LBF and will be happy to answer any questions you may have there. We feature Ingenta CMS, a custom hosting solution that can support and deliver everything you publish if you are ready to make the next step in your publishing journey. An important GDPR update is provided, as well as the latest developments on our Turkey and China bundle initiatives.

If you are at all interested in entering the market in China, we provide final registration information about the 2018 International Publishing Symposium on Academic Publishing in China! On April 5th registrations will close, so this is your last opportunity to sign up before the next event in 2019. In addition to spotlighting Editorial Hub and CLOCKSS, we highlight new Ingenta Connect product features – and provide the latest news from TrendMD. To help you make the most of Ingenta Connect, we feature the innovative Connect Compilations service with examples of how it can benefit your business. Our Webinar Programme is in high gear, and we round off with details about upcoming webinars, as well as our upcoming conferences and events at LBF, OASPA, ALPSP, ANKOS and FBF. We also spotlight new publishers who have joined Ingenta Connect

We hope you find the Bulletin useful and would be pleased to receive any feedback or comments you may wish to provide. Please remember your first line of enquiry if you have any questions about any of the content expressed in the Bulletin should be your Account Manager.

Joan Dargan


Introducing Ingenta Open – the one stop shop for open access content

Byron Russell, Head of Ingenta Connect, Ingenta

Ingenta Open ( is an entirely new platform, built on Ingenta’s very own proprietary CMS architecture. It has been conceived specifically and exclusively for Open Access content.  Here are some of the questions publishers have been asking about this exciting new platform. 


Make Your Next Step in Your Publishing Journey via Ingenta CMS

For any publisher wanting a dedicated, highly configurable branded site suitable for all of their content, Ingenta offers Ingenta CMS: a custom hosting solution that can support and deliver everything you publish. Ingenta CMS integrates seamlessly with a range of tools.


GDPR Update

We are making progress on our GDPR status. It’s a complex and time-consuming job – and of course delays other day-to-day tasks and new development – but it needs doing. 


Need Help with Peer Review?

By Stephanie Sacharov, The Editorial Hub

The Editorial Hub was set up in 2014 by Stephanie Sacharov and Naomi Conneely – who have more than twenty-five years of editorial experience between them – to offer peer review co-ordination and administration services to publishers and societies of peer-reviewed journals and books. The Editorial Hub quickly grew to become a globally recognised brand due to both their editorial expertise and quality of service, and they now work with some of the leading publishing houses worldwide with clients based across Europe, America, and Australasia. 

The Editorial Hub offers services on a range of journal management systems such as Editorial Manager, ScholarOne Manuscripts, Open Journal Systems, and eJournalPress. Although they specialise in journal peer review administration, they also offer services for books, conference proceedings, and books of abstracts.


The CLOCKSS Archive: Long-Term Preservation for Scholarly Content

By Craig Van Dyck, Executive Director, CLOCKSS

Just before the December holidays, the CLOCKSS Archive “triggered” 21 journals for open access. These were 21 of the journals that SAGE Publishing had acquired from Libertas Academica; SAGE had decided to cease publishing them, and to cease providing access. That’s when CLOCKSS stepped in, to preserve users’ access. CLOCKSS is a “dark archive” of scholarly content. With 30 million journal articles and 65,000 books, and growing rapidly, CLOCKSS is a leading preservation service for libraries and publishers who want to be sure that scholarly content will continue to be available to end-users for the long-term, no matter what might happen with the accessibility of the content.


Interested in China?  Symposium Registration closes April 5th!

If you are at all interested in entering the market in China, you should not miss the 2018 International Publishing Symposium on Academic Publishing in China! On April 5th registrations will close, so this is your last opportunity to sign up before the next event in 2019. We have a great line up of speakers and the all-inclusive cost for Ingenta publishing partners is just £300. A few exhibition tables may be available at an additional £250. Download the full programme at

Full details are available here:

Selling Your Content with Ingenta Connect

Byron Russell, Ingenta Connect, Ingenta

One of the questions frequently asked is whether we can help sell your content. The answer is that we are starting to do just this, but focusing initially on markets which are hard to enter. First among these are Turkey and China.


New Product Features

  • Annotate your PDFs with

Ingenta Connect and Ingenta Open Publishers have new options to customize and control branded annotation layers over their content with


  • A new “Dimension” in metrics from Digital Science

The research landscape has evolved but discovery channels and ways impact is measured and assessed have remained static. Digital Science had a vision for a modern research system where data is democratized and the way we measure research outputs broadened.


  • Trend MD latest – a 5.8% uplift in Visitors

In May 2017, TrendMD and Ingenta partnered to offer publishers on the Ingenta platform a 1 month free trial of the Professional Plan. Those publishers which continued with a paid plan have seen a 5.8% lift in their traffic.


Making the Most of Ingenta Connect

Connect Compilations is an important new way to enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect. It allows you to bring together pieces of your own content that have previously been published on Ingenta Connect – whether in books, journals, reports or other formats.


Upcoming FREE Webinars

Register now for the following Free Webinars which have guest presenters, these include:

China! :(April 25th 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET / 10.00 EST)
Web Annotation – Bringing Life to Your PDFs: (May 16th 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET / 10.00 EST)
Accessibility and Your Content: (June 13th 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET / 10.00 EST)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events Ingenta will be present at include:

London Book Fair – London’s own big book event. – Olympia, London, UK (10th – 12th April 2018)
2018 International Publishing Symposium – Scholarly Publishing in Europe and China – Oxford, UK (12th – 13th April 2018)
SSP Annual Meeting – 4oth Anniversary conference for the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Chicago, Illinois USA (30th May – 1st June 2018)
OASPA Annual Conference – 10th annual conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing. University of Vienna, Austria (17th – 19th September 2018)
ALPSP Annual Conference – 11th Annual conference for the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. Windsor, UK (12th – 14th September 2018)
2018 ANKOS Conference – The main annual event for academic libraries in Turkey. Atalya, Turkey (17th – 20th April 2018)
Frankfurt Book Fair  – Self-explanatory! Frankfurt, Germany (10th – 14th October 2018)

New Publishers on Ingenta Connect

Ingenta Connect welcomes the following publishers to the platform including Bristol University Press; Pemberley Books (Publishing); ROUTLEDGE in association with GSE Research; Sycamore Publications; Illinois Association of School Social Workers; Paths International Ltd. – China Belt and Road Initiative Journal; International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) and Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute.


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