The new Library Membership Service

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The new Library Membership Service will enable you to make the most of Ingenta Connect and use both Open Athens and Shibboleth. In addition, we intend to work with Publishers and Technology Providers to offer cost savings to members in 2017.

The annual fee for Membership is £250 – a single annual payment made on-site via credit card.

The new scheme will offer the following exclusive benefits which will only be available to current members. Note that NONE of the following features will be available to non-members, though other regular services (such as COUNTER statistics and access to subscribed publications) will continue to be free to all registered institutional members.

  • User support via mail and IM
  • RSS feeds for new issues
  • Request activation by your subscription agent
  • Athens & Shibboleth authentication
  • SUSHI reports
  • Keyword Alerting for published material by Keyword, New Issue and for Pre-Publication
  • Customise messaging in Alerts
  • Your institution’s custom page with your logo, internal (e.g. departmental) links and custom text
  • Control over Google Scholar (Subscriber Links)
  • Exportation of MARC XML records for enabled subscriptions
  • Compare usage between titles in Excel/CSV

Membership is on a twelve month basis and rolls from January through to December. All institutions applying to join before December 2016 will receive membership benefits to the end of the year free of charge. The sooner you join, the more you save!

Over the next 12 months we shall be adding many more benefits for Members, including subscription discounts, reduced advertising rates for your institution on the home page and special pricing on new, innovative library tools such as Kudos

If you have any questions about Library Membership, or suggestions for any features you would like to see included in the future, please contact us:



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