Library Membership Launches

Ingenta Library Membership is a new service which will enable you and your patrons to get more out of Ingenta Connect and personalise the site for your own institution.

Regular Ingenta Connect features – browsing, access to OA and subscribed content, IP authentication and COUNTER4 reporting – will continue to be available free for library members and non-members alike, but Membership will offer a range of premium features for an affordable monthly fee. Benefits include

  • Your institution’s custom page with your logo, internal (e.g. departmental) links and custom text
  • Support via mail and IM
  • RSS feeds for new issues
  • SUSHI reports
  • Unlimited Alerting for published material by Keyword, New Issue and for Pre-Publication, with customise messaging in the Alerts
  • Exportation of MARC XML records for enabled subscriptions
  • Single sign-on via Open Athens and Shibboleth

In addition, discounts and benefits will be made available from time to time which will enable real cost savings throughout each year of membership. The first organisations to offer discounts to our Library Members include RedLink Dashboard and Kudos.

Payment for membership is a single annual fee of £250 via single click-through on site via credit or debit card.

A few more questions you may have….

So membership is just £250. But can I cancel at any time?

Yes, by cancelling your payments via PayPal and informing us, your membership will cease at the end of your subscription year. Your institution’s branding and faculty / departmental links will no longer appear on the Ingenta Connect site, nor will you have access to Shibboleth, Open Athens, Alerting or other membership benefits.

Will I be able to use authentication via Athens and Shibboleth?

Yes, if you have membership. Non-members will be able to control access for patrons via shared user name / password. Currently Ingenta Connect supports the UK Shibboleth federation only but we’re implementing procedures to join other Federations globally.

How do I set up branding on my Membership site?

Clicking on ‘Configure library branding’ from the administrator’s home page allows you to brand the site with your institution’s logo, descriptive text, direct links to internal departments and more.

How do I set up Alerts?

Alerts are set up using personal registrations via ‘New issue alerts’, for Table of Contents Alerts, or to set up keyword alerts, conduct the search and then select ‘My profile’ followed by ‘Search history’ to save the search and then enable it as an alert.

How can I set up RSS feeds for new issues?

Patrons at Member sites will see the option to enable RSS alerts for journal titles on right of the respective journal homepages, under the Tools heading.

How can members work effectively with Subscription agents?

Administrators can request their agent enable online access to subscribed material by selecting ‘Set up subscriptions through your subscription agent’ on the Administrator’s home page and checking the boxes beside those agents they sue, then selecting ‘Request Activation’.

How can I export MARC XML records for my subscribed titles?

This is possible for subscribed titles (Download Subscription List MARC) This feature will be available shortly.

How do I compare usage between titles?

We use COUNTER stats to drive title comparison, as an overview by period of two titles. The results can be displayed online. The report is available under the Reporting link (Title Comparison Report).

This feature will be available shortly, though can be done manually now via COUNTER reports

Will I be able to create SUSHI reports?

Yes, this service is exclusively available for members.

How can I access and configure SUSHI reports?

Administrators of institutional registrations which have taken out Membership can activate SUSHI reports for the registration from within the option for the COUNTER4 compliant usage reports on the Administrator’s home page

Will other benefits be available in future?

We will work with our publishers and third parties to make additional cost-saving benefits available exclusively to members. Information about all these will be provided via News Bulletins and on your Administrator pages.

What kind of support is available?

An IM (instant Messaging) facility is available to members for simple enquiries, as well as email with a guaranteed 24 hour response time for more complex issues regarding access and authentication.

To join, simply got to your usual Admin pages on Ingenta Connect, and follow the links!


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