Update on COUNTER5

Ingenta Connect provides COUNTER4 and SUSHI statistical reports free of charge for all our registered library administrators, regardless of whether they belong to our new library Membership scheme. We are now gearing ourselves up for the introduction of COUNTER5. The new code will be published towards the end of 2017.There will then be an eighteen-month grace period for publishers to comply with the new code of practice.

COUNTER Release 5 aims to provide a much clearer, simpler set of reporting standards. It seeks the balance between addressing changing needs and reducing the complexity of the Code of Practice to ensure that all publishers and content providers are able to achieve compliance. In particular, compliant content providers – and that includes Ingenta Connect – will have to provide for greater consistency report layouts, between formats, and in vocabulary, with only 15 standard reports, and fewer metric types that are combined with additional item & usage attributes. Metric types and qualifying actions, processing rules, and formatting expectations will be much more clearly defined. A PowerPoint presentation going through the new standards is here:


The standard report set for the new COUNTER 5 is below:

For more information, you can register for a COUNTER5 consultation webinar – just go to



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