March 30, 2021

Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers launch their new world class digital repository.

Oxford, UK and New Brunswick, NJ – The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) enjoyed a very successful launch of their new “Hydrogen Knowledge Centre”. The online event which took place on Wednesday 17th March, saw over 300 attendees join, demonstrating the importance of future of Hydrogen energy, as IGEM help to support individuals and organisations connected with the gas industry.

IGEM’s Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is a digital resource hub for everything related to hydrogen energy. The searchable repository of hydrogen records from a wide range of sources, including public agencies, gas network companies, academic and research institutions, supply chain organisations and energy and engineering experts, will further strengthen the knowledge and support for their members.

IGEM “the new Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, is a world class digital repository dedicated to sharing hydrogen resources around the world” The platform is now live, and you can a look at what the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre has to offer here

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One of the most exciting aspects of this project undertaken for IGEM, was the rapid time it took to implement the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, from concept stage to launch. The time to launch surpassed expectations, while still delivering a robust and intuitive solution for IGEM and their members. The rapid and painless deployment is partly due to the extensive team of experts and technical wizards Ingenta is proud to have on staff, but also a testament to the tried and tested Edify Express methodology that Ingenta Edify allows.

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