August 10, 2020

Ingenta Appoints Matt Williams as Head of Professional Services and Heather Lantz as Director of Business Growth

Ingenta, a global leader in publishing content solutions, announces two key staff appointments, including a new hire and an internal promotion. Part of a restructuring initiative by current CEO Scott Winner, these appointments bring the company’s people into closer alignment with its products, services, and business development goals.

Matt Williams has been appointed Head of Professional Services at Ingenta, building on his background in delivering professional services at Zinfi, Relayware, Semantec, Lenovo, and IBM. Since May 2020, his objectives have included driving excellence in Ingenta’s professional services, creating and managing new services, and ensuring that all our services are carefully measured. Reporting to Matt will be Gary Bowman, Director of Implementation Services; Mark Hyde, Director of Managed Services; and Paul Roglic, Director of Global Support Services.

“Matt’s expertise in professional services, along with his professionalism and drive, will help foster the same in our team, while ensuring that all services are communicated clearly and succinctly,” said Ingenta CEO Scott Winner.

“I look forward to helping Ingenta uphold its deserved reputation by providing cost-effective and value-based services, and by leveraging the deep industry experience and knowledge of our people,” adds Matt Williams.

Heather Lantz has been promoted to the new role of Director of Business Growth at Ingenta. She has been focusing on expanding Ingenta’s customer base, with targeted market outreach to trade, educational, scholarly and policy publishers around the world since January 2020, while also managing and driving business growth for our Content Sales agreements. Heather joins Nick Weir-Williams, Director of Global Business Partnerships, in leading Ingenta’s business development efforts.

“Heather’s broad industry knowledge of our customers and competitors ensure that our offerings align with our customer needs and that our messaging is seamless. Her drive and willingness to measure and improve our approaches are also essential,” says Ingenta CEO Scott Winner.

“I look forward to helping our global customers extend their market reach with our services and platforms. My four years at Ingenta have revealed the full value of our brand, and I’m excited to continue to strengthen it with feedback from our existing and new customers. My team is eager to listen and apply market insights to improve our offerings,” adds Heather Lantz.

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