March 12, 2019

Ingenta launches Rights and Royalties management platform for the music industry

Ingenta ConChord helps music publishers to manage music contracts, royalties and licences.

Oxford, UK, 12 March 2019 – Ingenta, provider of highly configurable technology solutions to publishers is launching its first dedicated product for the music industry. Ingenta ConChord, helps manage the complexities of music contracts, copyright and associated royalties.

Having evaluated its solutions in consultation with multiple players in the music industry, Ingenta has created a refined offering with the specific needs of the industry in mind.

The system is designed to provide music publishers with a comprehensive and consistent resource for creating and managing music rights contracts, and the various ways in which they can be utilised. Royalties are reliably calculated based on IP usage across any format, including mechanical, public performance, print and synchronization royalties.

Built on the same technology as Ingenta’s renowned Commercial platform, which manages the contracts, rights and royalties for some of the top 10 largest global book publishers, Ingenta ConChord’s robust, datacentric approach to contract management encompasses the wide array of music rights, formats and usages.

Scott Winner, CEO of Ingenta, stated: “Ingenta has consistently invested in systems which are agnostic to the format of content. They can essentially be configured to handle any type of product, from a hat to a digital dataset to a hardback collector’s edition. Our commercial system meets the gold standard for managing contracts, rights and royalties in the book publishing world, so I’m really excited to be able to take that robust approach and apply it to supporting the music industry.”

He continued: “The progression of technology and the rapid pace in both the book world and the music industry, push publishers to keep pace using robust and connected systems. Ingenta ConChord gives publishers clarity around their rights, and how they should be paying artists.” 


Nick Weir-Williams, Ingenta 
Tel: +1 732-910-4862

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