October 7, 2014

Mobile phone reading on the rise in US and UK

New study by Ingenta shows 43 per cent have read ebooks on their mobile phones An increasing number of people are now using their mobile phones to read ebooks, a survey by Ingenta revealed today. The survey of 3,000 consumers across the US and UK found that 43 per cent have read an ebook, or part of an ebook, on their handsets, and that 66 per cent (59 per cent UK/ 72 per cent US) of mobile phone book readers currently read more on their phones than they did last year. However, despite the mobile phone’s overall growth in appeal and popularity as a reading device, the survey discovered that readers, particularly those in the UK, tend to read on their handsets fairly infrequently and in much shorter bursts, compared to the amount of time they would spend reading printed books or ebooks on tablets and ereaders. Download PDF

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